Ashi Singh embarks on a new journey of growth and exploration

Ashi Singh Embarks on a new Journey of Growth and Exploration: "I just want to go and explore what all new I can learn"

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Ashi Singh

Ashi Singh became a trailblazer after captivating audiences for three years in the hit television series "Meet: badlegi duniya ki reet," talented actress Ashi Singh is ready to embark on a new chapter in her career. In our exclusive chat she shared her excitement about attending a workshop to polish her acting skills further. 

The thirst for growth and willingness to push her boundaries is what sets Ashi apart as an artist. She spoke about her reasons for joining the workshop and said, "I'm heading for the workshop; the reason behind it is that an actor needs polishing. Acting is very extensive and you cannot just learn acting and it cannot be like you know everything about acting. No matter how big of a star you become, there is always a scope for learning. I just want to go and explore what all new I can learn and experiment with"

The decision to attend the workshop stems from Ashi's deep-rooted belief that there is no set time to learn. Despite her success and recognition, she remains humble and open to acquiring new knowledge and techniques. She continued, "I want to learn again and learn new things this time. I will share space with new people and they will have fresh ideas. I'm very sure that this will be very helpful for me. I do believe that there is no set time to learn."

During her time on 'Meet: badlegi duniya ki reet,' Ashi showcased her acting prowess and won the hearts of millions of viewers. However, she understands that the journey of an actor is a continuous one, and there is always more to discover. By immersing herself in this workshop, Ashi hopes to gain valuable insights, refine her craft, and expand her artistic repertoire. As Ashi embarks on this new journey, her fans eagerly await the unveiling of her enhanced acting abilities and the exciting projects that lie ahead.

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