'Ash was like an elder sister to us' - Manwa Naik

Manwa Naik talks to the Telly Buzz team on her experience on being a part of Jodhaa Akhbar...

As telly actors shoot for the 70mm screen, one such actress - Manwa Naik of the Ba Bahu aur Baby and Teen Bahuraniya fame, hit the big screen with 2008's most awaited film - Jodhaa Akbar, where she plays Jodhaa's friend, who accompanies her from the Rajput palace to the Mughal empire. The Telly Buzz team talks to the lady of the hour on her experience of being a part of this beautiful historical love saga…

“It was a great experience for me. I was shooting with veterans of the film fraternity, who have been so well established and experienced in the field,” says Manwa.

On her favorite moment in the film, she replied, “Actually, the over all experience for me was so over whelming. I enjoyed every moment of it. Its too hard to pin down just any moment. Although when come to think of it, I really enjoyed shooting the song - Merhaba, the song was truly beyond this world.” Manwa couldn’t stop admiring Ashwariya for her friendly persona. “Ash was like an elder sister to us. She never made us feel out of place for being new in the industry. She welcomed us and took really good care of us on the sets and made us feel quite comfortable with her hospitality.” quotes the actress.

On the turn of events from TV to the big screen, Manwa stated, “I was shooting a commercial with Ashish Gowarikar (Ashutosh Gowarikar's brother), and then one day he asked me if I had few days off, I said yes, he sent me for the audition, I was selected and took off for Jaipur the next day. I was shooting for ten days followed by few scenes at the Karjat studio.” Before signing off she adds, “I don’t have any projects on the big screen as of now, just hoping for the best.”

Author and Reporter: Hiral Anju Bhatt

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Ashutosh Gowarikar

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yeah i noticed her there...awww that's very sweet was she said about ash!

16 years ago

nice...i rly hate ash...sry fans, but ewww

16 years ago

Will watch 4 only her, as shes one of my fav. actresses.

16 years ago


aish was like a sis to her

dats soo cute

cnt wait to see JA
it wil be great !!

16 years ago

awe!!!! lucky girl!!!!!!! saw the movie last friday....it was the first day so it was like packed......but the movie is amazing......i could watchh it all over again....i already did twice!!!..LOL

16 years ago

oh ya... i saw her in the movie..
jsut saw it.. msut say its awesome!!

16 years ago

I noticed her in JA.Even though her role is small,her performance was very good.

16 years ago

Yea, noticed her there =] Loved the film btw :P

And aaw, Ash...at first I didnt like her at all...but I really like her these days. She was lovely in JA.

16 years ago

love her role in BBB and TB!! Rock on Manva!

I cant wait to see her in JA

16 years ago

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16 years ago

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