Bigg Boss 17: Rinku Dhawan’s sister Janvi Vora feels, "She is the best player"

Rinku Dhawan is probably the most consistent contestant inside the house till now.

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Rinku Dhawan

It's exactly a month till the Bigg Boss 17 finale. Rinku Dhawan is probably the most consistent contestant inside the house till now.

Bigg Boss 17, which is hosted by Superstar Salman Khan, entered the 10th week of the show and Rinku has been nominated only a couple of times. Sharing about her game inside the house, her sister Janvi Vora says, "Rinku is playing her game well and she is extremely clear about her opinion on competitors' behaviour. Rinku knows it’s a game of nomination but even after that she does not change her opinion about people who are constantly nominating her. She has always played her game with dignity and maturity which is lacking in the contestants. And whatever the game may be she will always stand for her friends and relationships she made in the show. If you follow her journey in the show she is probably the only one contestant who has never broken any rule and always done the tasks with full dedication. She is someone who has been responsible for her kitchen tasks as well.”


She also adds, "Rinku is extremely strong headed and she is a very forgiving person by nature and holds no grudges. She values all her relationships with love and respect. She is a good soul and people who get to know her personality will undoubtedly love her as a person. I’m very proud of Rinku that her maturity and calmness has moved her so far in the show. To me she is the best in BB 17.”

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