Arti Singh fondly recalls returning to the same shooting location after a gap of 17 years

Taking to her Instagram handle, Arti Singh recalls returning to the exact shooting location after a gap of 17 years.

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Arti Singh

Arti Singh, a versatile Indian actress, has had a remarkable career spanning over a decade in Indian television. She started in 2007 with "Maayka" and went on to excel in diverse roles in shows like "Uttaran," "Sasural Simar Ka," and "Bigg Boss 13." Arti seamlessly transitioned between drama and comedy, displaying her adaptability. Her candid revelation about battling depression during "Bigg Boss" resonated with many. 

Arti recently took to her Instagram to share a heartfelt and reflective message, marking a significant milestone in her career. On the 10th of January in 2007, she faced the camera for the very first time, embarking on her journey in the television industry. Her debut show, "Maayka," on Zee TV, marked the beginning of a remarkable career that has spanned 17 years.

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In her post, Arti expressed her profound gratitude for the opportunities she has received and the immense love and support she has garnered from her audience throughout her career. She recounted the challenges she faced during her early years, enduring a lack of work and recognition, which sometimes made her doubt her capabilities. However, amidst these struggles, one thing remained unwavering—the fighting spirit that kept her going. Arti's journey serves as a testament to resilience and determination. She acknowledged that while her dreams took time to be fulfilled, she never gave up. There may have been moments of stumbling, but she found the strength to rise again each time.

Arti also expressed her appreciation for the producers who provided her with opportunities to work in their shows. Notably, she felt blessed that no one had ever withheld her payment, highlighting the professionalism and integrity of the industry. Her message serves as an inspiring reminder to stay strong and pursue one's dreams with unwavering determination. Arti Singh's story is a testament to the belief that dreams can and do come true with perseverance and dedication, no matter how long they take.

The actress' caption looks like "10 th January 2007 first time I faced camera for tv industry. My first show maayka on zee tv . After 17 years I'm shooting at same place . Given a lot . And grateful that I got also lot of love . Yes it took almost 12 years to be known by my own identity . No work and no recognition also gave me lot of doubt on my caliber. But the only thing which I dint let go was the fighting spirit . I never gave up . I might hv stumbled but again got up . Dreams might take time to get fulfilled but it wil happen one day . Stay strong . ❤️ and thank u to my producers who gave me chance to work in their shows . And I think I was so blessed no one ever stopped my payment . Blessed ❤️🙏"

After a three-year hiatus, Arti returned to television triumphantly, debuting in a negative character named Chandra Bhanu Thakur in Shemaroo Umang's "Ummeed Ki Roshni Shravani." Her comeback underscored her resilience and unwavering passion for acting, reaffirming her status as a celebrated actress in the Indian television industry. Arti Singh's journey continues to inspire and entertain audiences, cementing her place as a versatile and talented performer.

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