Anupamaa: Sonu's threat to Anuj's family triggers a physical confrontation followed by a gunshot

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anuj intervenes in a brawl involving Sonu's misbehaviour, and later, Samar saves him from a gunshot.

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Anuj intervenes in a brawl:

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anuj's (Gaurav Khanna) anger flares when he witnesses Sonu's inappropriate behaviour towards a girl. Without hesitation, he pulls Sonu away from the girl and delivers a punch. Vanraj and the others quickly step in to put a halt to the confrontation. Sonu retaliates by loudly questioning Anuj's audacity for punching him. Vanraj, however, pleads with Anuj not to engage in a fight today as it is a special day for his son. Anuj decides to spare Sonu for the time being.

Sonu, determined to provoke Anuj further, repeatedly taunts him, even going as far as threatening to misbehave with his wife and sister. Unable to control his anger, Anuj takes action again and trashes Sonu again. Vanraj and the others pull Anuj away from Sonu, urging him to let the police deal with the situation. The manager informs Anuj that he has called the police to handle the situation involving the drunken troublemakers and politely asks him and his team to leave.

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Sonu fires a shot at Anuj:

Meanwhile, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) is seen replenishing the oil in the temple lamp. Leela approves of her actions, but the mood takes a downturn as the flower garland falls onto the lamp, causing it to blow out. Anupama's worry for Samar intensifies. Leela mentions that the extinguishing of the temple lamp is considered inauspicious. Barkha dismisses this superstition, while Pakhi speculates that Samar might have accidentally sent the emoji. Leela suggests playing antakshari, but Anupama proposes changing out of their party clothes because they feel uncomfortable. Toshu goes to fetch Hasmukh. Anupama attempts to call Samar, and Sonu fires a shot at Anuj. Samar spots this and rushes to shield Anuj. Sonu's friends then escort him away from the scene. Anupama's concern for Samar grows. Anupama anxiously awaits news of Samar's well-being. Hasmukh finally answers her call and assures her that everyone is safe and they will return home after dinner. Anupama insists that they return home soon.

Anupama hallucinates Samar:

Following this, Anupama changes her clothes and enters the kitchen. She hears the ladies' gang singing "Khai Ke Paan Banaras waala," which is Samar's favourite. She also notices a bowl of kheer in the fridge. Anupama hallucinates Samar and surprises her by showing up and expressing his desire to have some Kheer. Anupama is overjoyed to see him, and she lovingly feeds him the kheer and asks if he likes it. Samar responds by saying that it fulfills all his cravings in one bite. An emotional Samar shares his feelings with Anupama, expressing his worries about becoming a father and hoping that their family will provide the love his child needs.


In the precap of Anupamaa, Anupama notices Anuj and the others looking solemn in the darkness and questions them about the reason. She soon realizes that Samar is missing, and her heart sinks as Vanraj delivers the heartbreaking news that Samar has left. Anupama desperately chases after him but ends up falling.

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