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Anupamaa: Maya lures Kavya with career benefits; Anupamaa and Anuj find Maya fishy

Here’s what’s in the store for the viewers of Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’.

Published: Thursday,Mar 02, 2023 06:47 AM GMT-07:00
Updated: Thursday,Mar 02, 2023 07:15 AM GMT-07:00
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Anu, Anuj and Maya

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Maya trying to find ways to send more time with Anuj. She hugged and kissed Anuj to his surprise. Maya requested Anuj to keep the same as a secret from Anupamaa but Anuj feels guilty for hiding the fact from Anupamaa.

In the upcoming episode, Kavya reaches back to the Shah house and gets disturbed with Maya’s confession. Leela and Vanraj taunt her but Bapuji announces that they’ve kept a Maha Shivratri Pooja for every couple of the family. They also invite Anupamaa, Anuj, Barkha and Ankush for the special Pooja.

At Kapadiya mansion, Maya blushes seeing the pictures from the picnic. Anupamaa spend time with Choti and that’s when Anuj enters. Anuj announces that they’ll go to Shah house for Pooja. Maya asks if she can come along and Anu permits her. Anuj also states that they will have a major celebration for Anu’s birthday. Maya frowns but asks if her company can do the event management. Anuj declines it. 

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In the morning, Anuj asks Anupamaa to help him with his shirt by stitching the broken button. Maya states that she can help him but both Anuj and Anu decline it. Anu goes out for some work while Maya confronts Anuj on avoiding her. Kavya gets restless by thinking about wronging Anupamaa.

In the Pooja, Maya eyes at Anuj and tells Kavya that she is fasting for Anuj and has a few projects for her. In the upcoming episode, Kavya reveals Maya’s feelings while she confesses the same. Vanraj tries to manipulate Anupamaa.

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