Anupamaa: Malti Devi influences Choti not to communicate until her parents admit their mistake

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Malti Devi advises Choti to communicate with her parents only after they acknowledge their error, subtly influencing her perspective.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Baa shares her restlessness with Babu Ji, expressing a foreboding feeling. Dimple (Nishi Saxena) advises her not to worry, but Baa contemplates the idea of death being preferable to witnessing unfolding events.

On the other hand, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) questions Choti about teasing Riya, as there was a time when Riya was her best friend. Anupama asks Choti what happened, but Choti remains silent. Malti Devi intervenes, and Anupama warns her understanding her tactics. She then asks Malti Devi not to interfere between her and her daughter. Anupama insists Choti speak, but Choti replies rudely, stating she doesn't want to talk. Anupama urges Choti not to behave like this with her mother ever again. Anuj arrives, confronting Choti about bullying Riya, who admits to succumbing to peer pressure. Romil and Nidhi pack Romil's bags as they prepare to leave for abroad. They share a heartfelt moment, pledging to be each other's friend and guardian in this new journey.

Anuj advises Choti to rectify her mistake by apologising to Riya, but Choti refuses, citing Riya as a teacher's puppet. Anupama reflects on her parenting and realises she should have stood by Riya. Choti blames Anupama for scolding her unfairly, claiming bias as an adopted daughter. Anuj supports Anupama, questioning where they went wrong with Choti. Malti Devi sides with Choti, blaming Anupama for the situation.

Baa recalls recent events while Vanraj announces a job opportunity in a UK company. Vanraj shares news of his job and plans to set up the company in India. Kavya arrives at the Shah house. Anuj consoles Anupama, speculating that someone may be influencing Choti. Meanwhile, Malti Devi brainwashes Choti and urges her not to apologise to Riya. She further insists Choti only talks to her parents once they realise their mistake. Kavya asks permission to stay at Baa and Babu Ji's house until she finds her own place, leading to tension. Anupama attempts to talk to Choti, who pretends to sleep. Choti believes Anupama's actions are influenced by her being adopted. The following day, Choti refuses breakfast and angrily rejects Anupama's attempt to make amends.

Precap: Pakhi complains to Vanraj about Anupama, and Pakhi decides to leave Anuj's house, declaring she is going to her father's house.

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Oh god
Someone plz shut this damn show

2 months ago

Shukar hai I don't watch this drama

2 months ago

I hope this week drama ki trp 1.7 ho jaye

2 months ago

vanRajan tamaShahi what rubbish are you showing. One side fake America promos and one side all this drama. Make up your mind.

2 months ago

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