Anupamaa: Toshu joins Anuj's company

Anupamaa written update, 26 February 2024: Toshu seeks Anupama's blessing for his endeavours, envisioning a brighter future for their family.

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Anupamaa: Toshu joins Anuj's company
Aashish Mehrotra, aka, Toshu from the show Anupamaa. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) firmly guides Toshu (Aashish Mehrotra) indoors, prompting him to request a moment of her time. Expressing his desire for a change, Toshu urges Yashdeep to cease providing pick-and-drop services for Anupama, emphasising her independence. Toshu urges Yashdeep to respond, and Yashdeep advises him to be consistent between words and actions. Toshu reaffirms their solidarity with Anupama. Anupama apologises and insists that Yashdeep departs. After his departure, Anupama warns Toshu not to repeat this again. Toshu expresses discomfort with his presence, prompting Anupama to remind him of the safety concerns surrounding Kinjal (Nidhi Shah) and Pari due to recent threats.

Anupamaa: Toshu joins Anuj's company
Anupama and Toshu's discussion on Yashdeep. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Anupama, prioritising the safety of Kinjal and Pari, resolves to remain with them. In response, Paritosh reassures Anupama of his plan to address the situation, proposing employment with Anuj's (Gaurav Khanna) company as a means to repay the debt incurred by the goons. Toshu offers solace to Pari, promising to shield her from harm and vowing to secure employment soon. Anupama and Kinjal, burdened with worry, confront familial tensions, while Dimple (Nishi Saxena) grapples with guilt over her son's (Ansh) behaviour. Titu arrives there, encouraging her to seek solace through dance.

Anupama reprimands Toshu and Kinjal

As conflicts escalate, Anupama admonishes Toshu and Kinjal for their late-night quarrels, emphasising her presence for Pari's sake and threatening to withdraw her support if disrespect persists. Kinjal, recognising her fault, extends an apology and urges Anupama to rest.

Anupamaa: Toshu joins Anuj's company
Dimple feels guilty about Ansh's behavior, so Titu cheers her up. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Titu's impromptu dance lifts Dimple's spirits, prompting a cathartic release as she reminisces about Anupama's resilience. Anupama's nurturing presence brings comfort to Pari, who learns valuable lessons about responsibility and care.

Toshu prepares for his first day at job

Preparing for the day ahead, Anupama imparts safety instructions to Kinjal, only to be surprised by Toshu's revelation of his first day at Anuj's company. On the other hand, Shruti's (Sukirti Kandpal) presence takes aback Anuj and casually asks if she's awake. They chat about Anuj's eyeglasses, with him revealing he used to wear similar ones five years ago before switching to contact lenses. Shruti taunts him about reminiscing over the past and then probes him about giving Paritosh a job to remain close to Anupama. Afterwards, Shruti feels remorseful for her taunts, but Anuj reassures her and encourages her to express herself openly. Meanwhile, Aadhya calls out in the background.

Anupamaa: Toshu joins Anuj's company
Toshu seeks Anupama's blessing for his new journey. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In a touching moment, Toshu seeks Anupama's blessing for his endeavours, envisioning a brighter future for their family. He then reveals his plans to take advance from the company to repay the debt. Anupama, wary of potential betrayal, warns Toshu.

Precap for the next episode

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Anupama, Anuj, and Yashdeep convene as plans for an upcoming event unfold while Aadhya shares news of impending visitors to Shruti's parents.

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