Anupamaa: Aadhya encourages Anuj to dedicate his day to Shruti on her birthday

Anupamaa written update, 10 February 2024: Anuj ponders how to balance his date with Shruti and meeting Anupama.

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Anupamaa: Aadhya encourages Anuj to dedicate his day to Shruti on her birthday

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) becomes restless as she notices Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) outside her restaurant, only to realize it's her imagination. Seeking out Anuj, she reminisces about Kanta (Anupama's mother), longing for her presence. Embracing Kanta, Anupama expresses her feelings of longing and despair, even contemplating the idea of ending her life. However, Kanta advises her to cherish life. 

Kanta's advice to Anupama:

Anupama questions the necessity of valuing everything and laments her decision to move to the USA, feeling that her relationships have followed her there. Overwhelmed, she regrets listening to Devika's advice. Kanta probes if Anupama is genuinely pleased to see Anuj, to which she responds positively but admits her reluctance to meet him. Resigned, she decides to meet Anuj for one final encounter, hoping he will find happiness with Shruti (Sukirti Kandpal). 

Kanta questions Anupama's true desires, prompting her to acknowledge that she wishes for Anuj and Anu's happiness, even if it means letting go of her own feelings. Anupama confesses her preference for solitude, believing it to be the best option. Kanta advises her to leave a door open to avoid suffocation. An emotional embrace follows between Anupama and Kanta. 

Shruti's birthday celebration:

Anuj and Aadhya prepare a surprise celebration for Shruti. Shruti eagerly anticipates her birthday surprise. Aadhya playfully teases Shruti about her excitement and presents a tiara for the birthday girl. Shruti insists they join hands for the cake-cutting, asserting their significance in her life. Aadhya marks this as Shruti's last birthday cake as single, hinting at Shruti's impending marriage to Anuj, much to his surprise.

Shruti's birthday celebration

Titu gifts Dimple:

Dimple (Nishi Saxena) re-opens the dance academy, relicensing the past moments connected with the academy. Titu arrives there to extend warm wishes to Dimple with a gift for her new start. Dimple is touched by Titu's thoughtful gift of a nameplate. Shruti, in a joyful mood, feeds cake to both Anuj and Aadhya. Aadhya expresses her admiration for Shruti, longing for a mother figure like her. Aadhya drops a bomb by stating Anuj will spend tomorrow's day with Shruti. Anuj agrees and stands in silent contemplation as Shruti and Aadhya warmly embrace, unaware of his internal turmoil about meeting Anupama on Shruti's special day.

Titu's gift

Titu expresses gratitude to Dimple for accepting his gift but declines to enter the academy, offering his friendship and support instead. Dimple, touched by his encouragement, expresses her thanks and resolves to embrace growth in her life. Anupama seeks reassurance from Yashdeep about her impending meeting with Anuj, grappling with conflicting emotions.


Precap for the next episode:

Anupama anxiously awaits Anuj's arrival while he deceives Shruti to meet her clandestinely.

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Apni hone vaali wife ke birthday par bhi ye bewakoof gadha apni ex ke khayalon mein khoya hai....This obsession with one's ex is a bit ridiculous considering it keeps happening to each of them. Majboor with AnupaMaid, AnupaMaid with Vanrajan, VanRajan with AnupaMaid, Kauva with Aniruddh (pregnant bhi ho gayi....). All of them are lost causes

2 months ago

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