Anupamaa: Here's how Samar will die in the show

India Forums brings you an exclusive insight into Samar's fate in the show.


The popular show "Anupamaa" has consistently delivered riveting storylines, and the upcoming track is set to bring major drama to the screen. A recent promo released by the makers has revealed a shocking turn of events, where Samar's character meets a tragic end, and Anuj is held accountable.

India Forums brings you an exclusive insight into Samar's fate in the show. As depicted in the promo, a grave tragedy awaits the Shah and Kapadia families. The entire family is overjoyed when Dimpy shares her pregnancy news.

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According to a source close to the set, a dramatic twist unfolds when Vanraj and Anuj converse. Suddenly, a man named 'Sonu' bursts into the house, wielding a gun and launching a frantic attack on Anuj's life. In a heroic act, Samar swiftly intervenes to shield Anuj from harm. Tragically, Samar sacrifices his own life in the process as he is fatally shot.

Samar has been a beloved character in the show, originally portrayed by Paras Kalnawat, with Sagar Parekh taking over the role later on before his mid-series exit."

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shut the stupid show......crossed all the heights of toxicity and negativity

4 months ago

Will the leap track come again on the show?

4 months ago

anything this samar does mkaes me laugh yeh ol uski death bhi ..

4 months ago

This has got to be a joke! Is this supposed to make us feel emotional? Most funniest thing I’ve read today!

4 months ago

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