Anupamaa: Heartbroken, Anupama desperately chases Samar as he vanishes

In the "Anupamaa" precap, Anupama learns that her son Samar has tragically passed away, leading to a heart-wrenching and bewildering moment.

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The Hindi soap opera "Anupamaa" continues to enthral viewers with its compelling characters and captivating narrative. The current storyline centres around Dimple sharing her pregnancy news with the family and Samar on cloud nine.

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anuj loses his temper when he witnesses Sonu misbehaving with a girl at a club, leading to a physical altercation. Vanraj intervenes, but the tension continues as Sonu taunts Anuj. Despite pleas to avoid a fight due to a special occasion, Anuj confronts Sonu again when he threatens Anuj's family. The situation escalates when the club manager calls the police. Meanwhile, Anupama worries about her son Samar, who shields Anuj from a gunshot meant for him. A temple incident adds to her anxiety. After a call from Hasmukh, she anxiously awaits their return. 

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In a gripping precap from "Anupamaa," tension fills the air as Anupama notices Anuj and others wearing sombre expressions in the dimly lit room, sending shivers down her spine. Concerned, the ladies present inquire about the cause of their sadness, sensing that something terribly wrong has occurred. Suddenly, it dawns on Anupama that her son Samar is nowhere to be found. Her heart sinks when Vanraj, her ex-husband, delivers the devastating news that Samar has tragically passed away. The shock and bewilderment wash over Anupama as she works to come to terms with this heartbreaking reality. To make matters even more surreal, Samar appears before her, bids a sorrowful goodbye, and vanishes into the night. Overwhelmed with grief and disbelief, Anupama chases after him, only to stumble and fall, mirroring the shattering of her world.

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