Anupamaa: Baa agrees with Vanraj's suggestion to let Anupama handle her own household

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Vanraj restricts the Shah family from contacting Anupama for any reason, and Baa agrees with Vanraj.

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Tonight's Anupamaa episode commences with Titu expressing concern for Anupama's (Rupali Ganguly) well-being. Anupama, desiring solitude, asserts her determination to meet the Shahs. Titu inquires about Dimple (Nishi Saxena), and Anupama assures him she'll take care of her, ensuring she isn't confined to the house. Reflecting on recent events, Titu goes live to question his fans about whether a girl and boy can simply be friends. He challenges the constant doubt surrounding their friendship and pledges to go live more frequently. Anuj, noticing Choti awake, questions why she's still up.

Choti Anu reveals her guilt for hurting both her mother and best friend. She reflects on how Devika stood by Anupama, supporting her and taking a stand against bullies, but Choti laments leaving her friend Riya alone. Praising Choti, Anuj offers his support for her plan to apologize to Anupama and her friend. On the other hand, Vanraj returns to the Shah house, gathering the family members and proposing a shocking decision. He restricts them from contacting Anupama for any reason.

Anupama returns home, and Choti apologizes with a heartfelt poem. Touched, Anupama and Choti share a hug. Vanraj instructs the family not to contact Anupama and accuses her of meddling in their affairs. Choti presents Anupama with a sorry card and expresses her remorse, promising not to bully anyone. Anuj witnesses their conversation, smiling. Anupama reassures Choti of their unwavering support and shares a warm hug.

Baa and Bapu Ji question if they should stop talking to Anupama, but Vanraj insists they let him handle family matters. Despite Anupama's past contributions, Vanraj criticizes her support for what he considers wrong. Barkha tells Malti Devi that Anupama won again, but Malti Devi anticipates her eventual defeat. Vanraj accuses Anupama of ruining the women in their household in the name of women's empowerment. Kavya and Dimple side with Anupama, but Baa agrees with Vanraj's decision. Dimple and Pakhi argue again. Vanraj asserts the finality of his decision that no one should contact Anupama. Kavya opposes, and Vanraj asks her to leave.

Anupama, Anuj, and Choti enjoy hot chocolate and marshmallows. Kavya notices Bapu Ji silently crying and tries to console him. Bapu Ji regrets his inability to do anything for Kavya, Dimple, and even Anupama. Anuj advises Anupama to let Vanraj handle the Shah house himself, suggesting she take a break. 

Precap: Kinjal informs Baa that she will invite Anupama for Pari's birthday and won't cut the cake unless she comes. Anupama tells Anuj she will attend Pari's birthday at the Shah house, defying Vanraj's attempts to stop her from being part of her family's happiness.

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Pehli fursaat pe she'll call anu the jagat mata

2 months ago

Jab kaam padta hai tab daud daud ke aate hai aur fir jab mann karta hai itni aasani se nikal dete hai. AnupaMaid ko tissue paper ki tarah treat karte hai. Par voh bhi toh inki unpaid maid hi hai
Ye besharam ghatiya Vanar Leela ko itna badhava kyun dete hai TamaShahis. (Are they inspired from real life) Aur buddhe ko toh mar hi jaana chahiye.

2 months ago

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