Anupamaa: Anupama notices concern for Dimple in Titu's eyes instead of desperation

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anupama consoles Titu, and he appreciates sharing his feelings with her.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Titu dances while reminiscing about Dimple (Nishi Saxena), keeping Vanraj's (Sudhanshu Pandey) warning in mind. Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) crosses paths with Titu, offering him water and deciding to have a conversation. Dimple, influenced by Vanraj and Leela's words, opts not to attend the academy, feeling others are against her happiness. She realizes her baby enjoys music and dance but feels helpless. Titu defends himself to Anupama, stating that he informed Kavya before taking her with him and denies wrongdoing. Anupama perceives worry for Dimple in Titu's eyes rather than desperation. She explains that societal pressure troubles Vanraj and Leela, as Dimple is carrying Samar's baby, making them possessive.

Leela questions Dimple's whereabouts, but Dimple remains determined to get a courier. Anupama consoles Titu, advising him to give their friendship and people some time. Titu appreciates sharing his feelings with Anupama. Dimple attempts to talk with Vanraj, but he ignores her. Kavya assures Dimple that only Anupama can communicate with Vanraj. Barkha offers cold coffee to Malti Devi, who notices a different side of Anupama. Malti is determined not to lose to Anupama.

Anuj takes Anupama on a date, and she expresses concerns about the Shahs. Anuj encourages her to focus on the date, and they share a kiss. A girl mistreats an old waitperson at a restaurant, leading to a confrontation. Anuj and Anupama intervene, schooling the girl on her behaviour. Anupama warns the girl about social media consequences, leading to an apology from the girl. The episode concludes with Anupama deciding to visit Dimple and Anuj planning to drop Anu off at school. 

Precap:  Pakhi manipulates Anu against Anupama, raising questions about disownment after Dimple's baby arrives.

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Comments (4)

At this moment writer doesn't knw what they actually want

2 months ago

Hella disappointed with kanwar's character
Laya hi kyun when u knw you can't justify it

2 months ago

Shameless Shahs jitni ghatiya aur vahiyaat family kabhi nahi dekhi hai ITV par. Characterless to the core and yet they give sanskaar aur society ke naam par bhashan. Disgusting. But can't expect better from VanRajan TamaShahi & co.

3 months ago

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