Anupamaa: Anupama ignores Anuj, recalling Vanraj's accusations

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anupama avoids Anuj while remembering Vanraj's accusations, while Vanraj grapples with regret and guilt.

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Tonight's episode of "Anupamaa" begins with Anupama convincing Dimple to have a meal, but Dimple appears shocked. After some persuasion, Dimple reluctantly gets up and leaves. Anupama then clings to Samar's t-shirt and promises to take care of Dimple, but her thoughts are consumed by Samar. Meanwhile, Vanraj is at a loss about how to handle the children. Baa and Bapuji attempt to strengthen Anupama and Vanraj's resolve, but he can sense their inner turmoil. Kavya overhears this and comes to support Vanraj. She holds his hand and praises his strength, expressing her pride in him. Vanraj leans on Kavya's shoulder and admits that he still hopes for Samar's return but can't bring himself to face the reality. He regrets not hugging his son when he had the chance and wonders why fathers often withhold affection from their sons.

Kavya offers support by encouraging Vanraj to express his feelings to Samar, believing that he will hear his father's words wherever Samar is. She then leaves, returning later while wearing Samar's mask. Vanraj breaks down emotionally, confessing that Samar was a good child, but not Vanraj isn't a good father because he never supported Samar's passions. He often scolded and felt remorse afterwards, silently apologizing to him while he slept. Vanraj tearfully admits that he loves Samar deeply.

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Meanwhile, Anuj is concerned about why Anupama is not responding to his messages. He strongly urges to be by her side and offer his support, but Anupama is not ready for his presence. Ankush arrives and expresses regret for not being there during the recent events. He reveals that Adhik told about Vanraj blaming Anuj for Samar's tragic passing. Anuj breaks down, blaming himself for taking away Anupama's beloved son instead of bringing her happiness. 

Barkha intervenes to reassure Anuj, stating that Anupama will not believe Vanraj's baseless accusations. She believes Anupama will understand Anuj's perspective once she emerges from her grief and regains her senses. Barkha advises him to give Anupama space and time to heal, emphasizing that he waited for her for 26 years, and she will return to him when she's ready. Anuj, overwhelmed with guilt, fears that he won't be able to forgive himself if Anupama doesn't forgive him. Choti enters the scene and suggests they look at Samar as a star in the sky. She encourages Anuj to use binoculars to see the stars, explaining that she asked Anupama to find Samar in the stars. Anuj gazes at the stars. Meanwhile, at Shah's house, Anupama arrives, saying that Choti asked her to search for Samar among the stars. 

Later, Anuj brings Choti to the Shah house, where Anupama warmly embraces her, and ignores Anuj. Kinjal asks about Dimple's meal, and Vanraj suggests asking Samar to pay the electricity bill before realizing his mistake. Dimpy sits alone and cries, and the family members try to console her, with Anupama hugging her. Time passes, and Anuj continues to think about Anupama while she remembers Samar's words and tears up while preparing food in the kitchen. Anuj stands outside the kitchen, but Anupama ignores him and walks away.

Precap: Samar advises Anupama to live life to the fullest and not be stopped by death, encouraging her to carry his share of happiness with a smile. He guides her to write her name, "Anupama," on a slate.

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