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An action-packed day with the star-cast of Yaariyan on Breakfast to Dinner!

Himansh Kohli, Rakul Preet Singh and others share a fun-filled day in an amusement park with UTV Stars…

This week, UTV Stars' Breakfast to Dinner spends a day with not just one actor, but the main cast of the much awaited movie, Yaariyan. The incessantly energetic young clan visit an amusement park while they spend a fun filled day on the show giving the viewers an adrenaline rush.

The young actors start off with a ferry ride to the park as they enjoy the blissful cool breeze and the scenic beauty. Along with the film's lead couple, Himansh Kohli and Rakul, Dev Sharma joins them as they get mischievous and reveal some fun facts about each other.

Soon they are seen enjoying the thrills of the spine chilling roller coaster rides. After the crazy rides and plenty of walking, it's time for some ice gola. The ever sporty Himansh dons the hat of the gola vendor and tries his hand at preparing some refreshing tangy golas which is then followed by popcorn.

After a tiring day at the amusement park, it is now time to bid adieu to these young stars full of life. From morning to evening, the entire cast displayed such beautiful closeness and bond.


Himansh Kohli Dev Sharma

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