Amrit to fall for Bebo..

The truth about Bebo's identity is out in the open now, and the entire family is shocked.. Read the next twist in the tale here..

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Star Plus' Sabki Laadli Bebo has reached an interesting point wherein the truth is revealed that Bebo (Shiv Shakti) is not born in the Narang family. This bitter news comes as a shocker to the entire family and of course, Bebo.

According to our source, "Bebo is just not able to accept the cruel turn of events in her life. She is hurt by the fact that her family members are not her real ones, and fears a break in relationship. On the other hand, she has lost her love Shravan who is very casual over the fact that since theirs was an arranged marriage, there was no question of him marrying her, after his parents went against the relation".

The next track will focus on the theory of Nature V/s Nurture wherein Kuku's family tries their level best to convince Bebo that she is as dear to them as before. "The entire family will unite in bringing a smile on Bebo's face. They will try their best to get her out of the trauma", adds our source.

"In the midst of this, there will be another twist in the tale wherein Narang family will fall prey to a property issue which will put them under tremendous pressure. This is where Amrit plays an important role, as he turns a savior for the Narangs'. This strengthens the family's bonding with Amrit, which will eventually lead to strong friendship between Amrit and Bebo", verbalizes our source.

This is where a twist in the tale happens when Amrit gets a realization that he has fallen in love with Bebo.

What has Bebo in store for future? Will Amrit be successful in nursing her past wounds?

Let's stay tuned to see how Bebo's life shapes up from now..

Reporter: Rachana Trivedi, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Comments (18)

damn i just cant wait for bebo to fall in love with amrit....

14 years ago

i totally love amrit and bebo, that Shravan was Yuck!!!

14 years ago

Finally. Can''t wait to see AmBo love story!!

14 years ago

aww bls thts sad! bt i like amrit! hes soo cute and he looks nce with bebo! i wntd thm 2 be 2gthr! cnt wait! thnx!

14 years ago

i soo want amrit n bebo to get together - its a shame we have to wait so long

14 years ago

i can''t wait 4 amrit & beebo story.

14 years ago


14 years ago

this is the most stupid show on SP ...tujh sang was far much better than this show

14 years ago

I Love this Show, Its Just Awesome ..
Although i think Shravan and Bebo makes a Nice Pair i rather want Amrit and Bebo as a Lead Pair, But the show is amazing I must say, they haven''t kept any secrets yet xcept the family not knowing Bebo isn''t theirs .. but I Like it

14 years ago

thanxx alot for this info but i hope the shravan doesn''t come bk when amrit and bebo are in lvoe becuase thats what ususally happens in dramas lol letss hope for the best hehehehe.....

14 years ago

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