Imlie: Amrit to disguise himself as the mask man to kidnap Imlie

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus' show Imlie, Amrit will be seen disguising himself as a mask man to kidnap Imlie.

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Star Plus' popular show "Imlie" has consistently dominated the TRP charts, and after a recent generation leap, Sai Ketan Rao and Adrija Roy have taken on the main lead roles as Imlie and Agastya. In the current storyline, the audience witnesses Imlie and Agastya navigating a contract marriage, with the looming threat of an unidentified 'mask man' trying to harm their family.

In the upcoming episode, viewers will witness a dramatic turn of events as Imlie gets kidnapped, but the kidnapper's identity remains shrouded in mystery. Exclusive information obtained by India Forums suggests that Amrit, Agastya's brother-in-law, will be revealed as the kidnapper. Motivated by revenge after Imlie rejected his advances earlier, Amrit disguises himself as the 'mask man' to carry out the kidnapping. During this abduction, Amrit attempts to gather information about Atharva's properties. It's important to note, however, that Amrit is not the 'mask man' the show has been teasing, and the actual revelation of this mystery is expected to unfold over a longer period.

The unfolding developments promise an intriguing and suspenseful track for "Imlie."

 Are you eagerly anticipating the upcoming twists in the show? Share your excitement and thoughts about the forthcoming track in the comments below.

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As a courtesy to viewers who like to be surprised, please refrain from posting spoilers in the title of any article or topic.

"SPOILER: Imlie^3's masked kidnapper is ..." would be a better title. You can name him inside.

Please give everyone who visits this forum a choice: if we want to keep guessing as the story unfolds, and discussing our own speculations instead of skipping ahead with you, we don't have to open your topic or read your article right away. Simply visiting the forum and glancing at the titles of articles and topics shouldn't take away our choice and ruin our entertainment.

The writers, producers, directors, actors, post-production team etc. put a lot of effort into creating suspense so that we'll watch their story. India Forums should respect their hard work, not get ahead of them and leave viewers with nothing to discuss on India Forums.

3 months ago

Main soch hi rahi thi where did Amrit go...and he is back.
Has Amrit hands joined hands with Vishwa to bring downfall of Chouwdharys?

3 months ago

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