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Amitabh Bachchan's unique contestant on Kaun Banega Crorepati

Giving Amitabh Bachchan company on the hot seat of the popular game show Kaun Banega Crorepati have always been various contestants from different parts of the nation.

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Giving Amitabh Bachchan company on the hot seat of the popular game show Kaun Banega Crorepati have always been various contestants from different parts of the nation. 

But for the first time AB had a special guest unlike anyone in the past.Before you rack your brains about whom we are talking about, let us break the surprise for you. It was none other than a cute soft toy given to him by one of his fans. 

AB seen here in a play full mood with the adorable soft toy during the KBC shoot…

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ashna26 9 years ago Miss you Aishwarya can't wait to see the ad!! Lovely Aishwarya in pink!
Come back soon in movies too!! We fans miss you! And please give an interview how you feeling to be pregnant kinda tired hearing Big B and Abhi.
As for the haters comments lol guess you can't ignore Aishwarya no matter what!!
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MarkZingerBurgr 9 years ago @roopal totally agree...professionalism and ash...hahahahahahaha...
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..Roopal.. 9 years ago ahem ahem...madhur sir shud read this...professionalism and ash...its a very small deal shooting in pregnancy...she just shoted for a add anyone remember that kajol danced in pregnancy?...she didn't stepped back like aish...
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ibelieveinpink 9 years ago Love you aishu and congratz to her!!! I hope she was a healthy and beautiful baby...and if twins then yipppeee!

As for the professional's her choice if she wants to work or not and she isn't telling the media to trail her around. For everyone all def found time to read the article and comment on it, so you obvious can't ignore her. If it's she's such a problem for you then ignore her!

Live and let live!

I can't wait to see the ad...I'm sure she's be glowing with happiness!!!
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Yuvika_15 9 years ago its funy hw nearly every article posted on aish leads 2 harsh comments sed between members... i dnt think its long b4 IF permanently stops doing articles on Aish 2 avoid such behaviour... seriously guys if u hav nothing nice 2 say jus dnt comment, its simple as...y comment n cause fights...
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sweetbarbie 9 years ago mee happy 4 ash dat shes hving twins ... bt amased at the media ppl dat hw they make a big hype of everything just bcoz shes celeb. i mean women wrking in pregnancy is nt a noval thing ...wid no offence to ash the media ppl are showing ...luk in such a condition she shot a ad..i mean motherhood is nt a disease / burden... its the most awaited & wonderful phase in a womens media grow up!!
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-GayabCat- 9 years ago OMG how can u all talk about hating aish.. damn think about her as a human being like yourself not as a celebrity, she becoming a mother for the 1st time, and is having a difficulty to do something and still she doing it. get a grip people.. she a human being 1st, then a celebrity, if not think about the unborn babies either one or twin which ever it may be, think about those baby to be born in 2 mnths time.
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blue24 9 years ago If its professionalism or not i dont no i think let Ashwaria decide it.and i imagine she might b looking beautiful as ever with that baby bump..wish u a happy future n all the best..n wish to c the video or photos of add..
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FingerFetish 9 years ago Haha I'm not going to lie. But I do ardently hope that the twins take Aish's genes. Definitely.
Anyway, why are people hating for? She's a celebrity, it's common knowledge that every step they take will be written in the news. If John Abraham's ass can be insured financially and be able to reach the headlines, then I don't see how anything else can surprise you. Sheesh.2011-08-22 08:54:17
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coolguy3 9 years ago Why make a deal of the pregnancy ????? She ia a human n no super woman n non celebs slog even in their pregnancy, she has not even done half of it coz of being THE BACHCHAN BAHU ... she wud get all d facilities n pampering which non celeb dont even get... She has not done any GR8 by shootng in her pregnancy n plz Professionalism n AISH , dont go 2gether ...v all knw wat has happened with d film HEROINE... MEDIA get a life n get some actual n relevant , true scoops/news ...
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