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Amitabh Bachchan receives abusive hate, Hits back with long list of donations of total Rs.15 Crores

After getting trolled, Amitabh Bachchan shared a list of his charities and stated that his personal contribution is about Rs.15 Crores to Covid relief: Right from adopting children who lost parents to Covid-19 to providing medical amenities

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Amitabh Bachchan

Courtesy : Amitabh Bachchan

As the nation battles the second wave of the deadly Covid-19, several Bollywood celebrities have stepped forward to extend financial assistance to the needy and to provide essential medical facilities.

Superstar Amitabh Bachchan became the target of online trolls and was bashed for allegedly not contributing to Covid relief. The veteran star was subjected to hate comments and abusive trolls on social media.

A furious Amitabh Bachchan hit back against the trolls with a long list of the donations he has made to several initiatives during the pandemic. He wrote in his blog: 

“Yes I do charity, but have ever believed it to be done, than spoken of... it is embarrassing, in too great a self-consciousness... of one that has ever felt shy of public presence despite the profession - one that has to find its usp in public domains is relevant today for me.” 

In response to the backlash on social media, Amitabh  stated that his personal contribution is about Rs.15 Crores to Covid relief:

"In this battle against this virus , many have contributed and continue to be resolved in more .. the mention in the information circles resounds with the 2 cr that I donated for the care Centre in Delhi for the moment .. but as days go by the figure of my personal contribution and donation shall be about 15 crore rupees .."

Sharing details of his charities for Covid relief, Big B wrote: 

“Those that suffered during the CoViD last year .. providing food for over 400,000 daily wage earners in the country for a month... feeding almost 5000 in the city each day lunch and dinner. Provided masks, PPE units to front line warriors, Police Hospitals in the thousands .. through personal funds .. donating to the Sikh Committee that was helping the migrants to travel back home in the Inter-State busses, where the drivers were mostly Sikhs..."

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During the first wave of Covid-19 followed by a nationwide lockdown, migrant workers had started going back to their hometown without any public transportation service. Bachchan also arranged help for the stranded workers and shared:

When the migrants were walking back home, some without the benefit or affordability of shoes .. provided hundreds of chappals and shoes to them .. due to lack of travel facility, booked 30 buses to locations in UP and Bihar and supplied them food and water for the overnight travel... Booked an entire train from Mumbai to UP to carry 2800 migrant passengers free of cost at my expense .. and when the destination State blocked the tarin from coming into their State and cancelled the train .. immediately chartered 3 Indigo Airline planes and flew almost 180 migrants in each flight to UP and Bihar and some to Rajasthan and J&K .."

Furthermore, he also added donating an entire Diagnostic Centre for the poor and needy in memory of “my Nana, Naand my Mother.."

Speaking of the children who lost their parents due to Covid-19, Big B wrote:

“Young children .. orphaned by the sudden death of the parents, left in oblivion... have adopted 2 and shall be put in an orphanage in Hyderabad .. their study board and lodging free till they finish School... from the 1st to the 10th... and if they turn out bright to provide them with free upper education... and more, as and when the means are affordable... "

On Sunday, Manjinder Singh Sirsa, the president of the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara committee had shared that Amitabh Bachchan  has donated Rs 2 crore for oxygen cylinders and other medical amenities.

Amitabh Bachchan

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