Amit Tandon and Tulika amicable, Deny Rift

The atmosphere between Amit Tandon and his co-star Tulika seems to be very 'cold' on the sets of Saath Saath. But the stars have a different story to share...

Amit Tandon, fondly remembered as the bratty Manthan of Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, is caught up in a very controversial issue in his new show on Zee, Saath Saath. Rumours are abuzz that Amit and his co-star and on screen wife Tulika do not see eye to eye. Moreover, the couple seems to be lacking chemistry, which is quite evident on screen too.

When contacted to know more about the same, Amit rubbished the rumours saying, “That’s untrue. I am very comfortable with Tulika. I think as an actor, we should be comfortable with all your co-actors. Only then is the chemistry evident on screen.” There was also news that the couple, since recently married, was required to do some intimate scenes and Amit found quite cumbersome to cozy up with Tulika. We asked Amit to clarify to which he quipped, “That scene was one the best performances either of us have given as actors. I don’t think there was any reluctance from my side or Tulika’s for that matter.”

Tulika, when questioned on the same, says, “There are aabsolutely no issues between me and Amit. In fact, Amit has always helped me out with my scenes and we are very comfortable with each other.” When questioned about her fiancé being on the sets and giving Amit cold stares Tulika retorted, “That is utter nonsense. Who ever said I have a fiancé? Forget fiancé, I don’t have a boyfriend either.”

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Binita Ramchandani
Author: Melanie

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I cant wait for this to come out!!! Ahhhhhh! My Ritesh!!!!! I love him soooooooo much!

And the Pankaj-Shahid Kapur comedy should be fun too! Andaz Apna Apna was HALARIOUS!

16 years ago

is dis show gud???
it duznt evn shw him ksbkbt

15 years ago

this show is good..better than Kyunki
amit stay dont leave !
who cares wat people say.
his chemistry with tulika is great.i like their pair :)

15 years ago

where does this show come on plzzz teelll me

15 years ago

Thanks,i think amit should go back to kyunki
this show is too old fashioned for him because he seems way to good looking and modern for it

15 years ago

hahaha no fiancee ndd muchh rumourssss well thanxxx

15 years ago

he suxxx big times in wht all programs he will enter he will fight wth some one else and get bad name in each and every show due to his arrongant nature - no ofence to his fans

15 years ago

Amit honestly needs to come back to kyunki coz he was one of the only few actors who brought freshness to otherwise dry and same old cast of kyunki :(

I really hope ekta mai brings back Manthan and gives him the screen time he deserves :)

15 years ago

arre amit tandon aaj kal kitne controversies mein hai

15 years ago

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