Amit Jain's Love Dilemma!

Amit’s co-star in Imagine's Basera Priya Bhatija and her husband Jatin Shah have taken it on them to find a lady love for him...

Amit Jain can smoothly handle the scores of proposals that he gets from girls across the country. But when his onscreen love-interest in NDTV Imagine's Basera played by Priya Bhatija, along with her real life hubby Jatin Shah (who happily tied the knot three months back) made it their responsibility to squelch his single status, he found himself in a rather tight spot!

Amit tells us, "In this industry it is very easy to have affairs but not at all easy to fall in love. I'm waiting to fall in love. I don't want to have just an affair." Explaining why he is taking his time to find the right person he says, "I did have a wonderful something going on for me which I truly wanted to complete with marriage. But somehow it didn't turn out that way for me."

So seeing Amit mope alone, his pals thought of coming to his rescue. Amit Jain between titters tells us, "Priya and her husband Jatin are trying to fix me up with someone or the other. But I told them strictly that my Panditji has asked me to stay away from girls for another three months. So, till that time you people leave me alone."

In Basera that launches on NDTV Imagine on 17th August at the 9.30 PM slot, Amit plays Shantanu Mehrotra, a lawyer from an elite Punjabi family whereas Priya Bhatija plays Nandini Parikh, the pampered elder daughter hailing from a Gujarati family.

We wish all the best to Amit (as well as his deeply concerned friends) in this quest for his sweetheart which shall restart after three months!!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (12)

awww don't worry! you will find someone :)

13 years ago

u both look really nice together. the love portion is very very nice

14 years ago

he is too sexy.any girl will want to are my idol amit

14 years ago

thats really sweet or priya n jatin

am surely w8ing for Basera

14 years ago

thats soo cute! awee. poor guy is probably avoiding all girls now. jatin and priya are really adorable together; and amit is just hawt! i wonder if they've actually chosen 'someone' for him...LOL :))

14 years ago

What happened to Aaska??


Additi looks better with Harshad!!!!!!

14 years ago

wish you all the best, was a huge fan of his when he was in yeh meri life hai! :)

14 years ago

lol.....dunno who he is...but bless him....

14 years ago

why can't he choose additi gupta?i think she is also single

14 years ago

He is good looking, Waiting for the new show.

14 years ago

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