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Alok Narula marries an abnormal girl in Star One's, Mano Ya Na Mano...

"Mano Ya Na Mano, but supernatural powers do exist", seems like what Alok Narula has to say after he acted in one of the stories on Star one's Mano Ya Na Mano-2. Every story on this show has something unusual and unbelievable to say and show. And Alok too has had a great experience working in the show.
Alok Narula 
"It was a great experience, a different story, very realistic," says Alok talking about the show and the story that he was a part of. In this story Alok is married to a girl who comes across as a very normal girl, however later on she turns out to be abnormal. "My wife in the story initially seems nice to me, but gradually there's a lot of negativity around her, which my mother in the story makes me aware, and this sudden negativity is the twist in the story," explains Alok.
There are many who believe in supernatural powers, and Alok Narula is one of them. Sharing his personal experience he says, "When I was studying in school, my friends and I would get together and on a chart with the help of coins and glasses would call for spirits. And the coins would actually move on it's own and that's when I started believing that supernatural powers do exist."
Whether to believe or not to believe is obviously in the hands of the people, to each his own, but one thing is for sure Mano Ya Na Mano reveals the most unusual happenings, and leaves the audience in a dilemma whether to believe it or not.
Let's wait and watch whether Alok Narula's story in Mano Ya Na Mano, is able to grip our attention or not.

Reporter & Author: Nidhi Soparawala

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Most of the time I don't believe it but it's still pretty interesting to watch and Mishal Raheja hosts ;) So who's complaning?

13 years ago

well all the best to him...its true that such things are "mano ya na mano" depends on one's own belief

13 years ago

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