Allu Aravind sparks controversy with remarks on 'KGF' star Yash's success

Allu Aravind's recent remarks on KGF star Yash haven't gone well with his fans.

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Allu Aravind and Yash

Allu Aravind, veteran filmmaker and father of Allu Arjun, sparked controversy with his recent remarks involving actor Yash. Speaking at the teaser launch of Kotabommali PS, Aravind addressed the impact of actors' fees on film budgets, specifically citing examples like Allu Arjun and others from his family who reportedly demand higher remuneration after hits.

Aravind refuted the notion that actors' fees significantly contribute to a film's budget increase, stating, "The lead actor of a movie gets only 20 to 25 per cent of the film’s budget as remuneration. So, it is not true that the budget for the film will increase because of his fees alone. On top of actors’ fees, a lot of money is spent to make the movie a big venture.”

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Using Yash as an example, known for the success of the KGF franchise, Aravind attributed the film's success to its "richness" in production. He questioned Yash's popularity before KGF and emphasized the significance of a film's production quality in attracting audiences.

Aravind's statements didn't sit well with Yash's fans, who criticized the filmmaker. They argued that Yash entered the industry without a privileged background, unlike Allu Arjun, who had familial support. However, Yash has yet to respond to the controversy.

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Yash came into movies with his talent, unlike other nepo kids from south… he’s a self made actor… people just can’t digest outsiders success at all

3 months ago

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