Allu Arjun steals the spotlight at Berlin Film festival with stylish red carpet Entry

Allu Arjun looked dapper in his all black outfit as he attended the Berlin Film festival.

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Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun, attended the Berlin Film Festival for the special screening of the biggest blockbuster ‘Pushpa: The Rise.’ Making everyone stunned the icon star made a stylish entry at the red carpet. He engaged with international filmmakers, producers, and market buyers during his visit. 

Also, he interacted with the international press alongside the screening.

The ultimate pushparaj's entry at the Berlin Film Festival red carpet was truly momentous. His charm and aura truly captivated the ambience. He yet again presented the image of India on the global level. 

The popularity of the Pushpa franchise is already on high with the enormous success of ‘Pushpa The Rise’ in countries such as Russia, the USA, the Gulf, Australia & UK, and at the Berlin Film Festival too. 

As the much-anticipated 'Pushpa 2 The Rule' gears up for release on August 15, 2024, the film has already captivated audiences nationwide. Allu Arjun’s global presence adds to this anticipation, creating a buzz not only among the audience but also within the trade circles. The excitement and anticipation for Pushpa 2 The Rule’s release are reaching new heights, making this global showcase a pivotal moment for the film's success.

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