All's cool between Ayush & Ali

Actors Ayush Agarwal and Ali Merchant clear the air regarding their supposed dislike for each other on the sets of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

Our tireless telly rumour mills churned out a latest one about a sort-of cold war between the two actors Ayush Agarwal who essays the role of Mohit and Ali Merchant (Babloo) on the sets of Star Plus' Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. Apparently, Ali keeps making funny references to Ayush's lack of height and this triggered some kind of soft- animosity between them.

Ayush aka Mohit explains, "Ali fools around with me but he knows his limits as to when to stop. I, for my part don't take every word that he says directly to my heart. I understand he likes to joke with me. He is like an elder brother to me. He is my moral guardian. He gives me a lot of gyaan on how to give the shots. So seriously he has not hurt me at all!"

In fact, according to Ayush his height is not so less as people are making it seem. He says, "My height is around 5'5 and I don't think it makes me so much of a short person. In fact, I only have to feel proud about it because two of our country's most powerful actors, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan are of my height. So where's the need to worry?"

When we spoke to actor Ali Merchant he said, "I do everything as a joke. I do pinpoint his height but never in a mean way. I am not at all mean to him! He is like a younger brother to me."

What's more Ali is all praise for Ayush as he says, "I love his comic timing. It is simply superb! Sometimes he enters the sets and I burst out laughing. I tell him arre yaar you don't come in front of me. Seeing your face only makes me laugh."

Ayush aka Mohit plays the best buddy of Naitik (Karan Mehra) while Ali Merchant plays Babloo, the cousin of Naitik.

Glad to know their camaraderie has not gone awry!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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kavyaknair 11 years ago This content is hidden.
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-MakhanMalaai- 11 years ago wooho.. height doesnt matter but Srk and salman arent 5'5.. they both are 5'7 and half
helmet 11 years ago oh allrite

buh SRK n salman khan r taller dan 5'5 lol
n der is nothing wrong in being short lol.....height mein kya rakha hai

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iluvfriends 11 years ago ok...
but srk is not 5"5"
and yeah i dont like ali either
mjht012 11 years ago thats very rude of ali aayush is very cute adn talented
chahat4u 11 years ago thats gr8. BUT SALMAN AND SHAHRUKH r taller! Salman is 5'10"; Shahrukh is. 5'11" I THINK.
.shona. 11 years ago ohhh mohit's name is ayush??? I LOVEEEEEEEEEEE U AYUSH! hehe...seriously i lub him!!!
& wats wrong in being short? always remember "Good things come in small packages" :)
Knowalot2 11 years ago That irritating Ali gets into arguments with everyone!
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