Ali Merchant and his wife Andleeb Zaidi change their honeymoon plan last minute from Maldives

Ali Merchant and his wife Andleeb Zaidi change their honeymoon plan last minute from Maldives to Thailand, plans to visit Lakshadweep island in future, says “Putting my country first, always”

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Ali Merchant and wife

Ali Merchant has been part of the TV industry for a long time now and has been entertaining masses with his stellar performances. After being a part of the music videos and the TV shows, Ali was seen as the lead with Nyra Banerjee in his debut web show Libaas. He will also be seen on the big screen soon in the lead role of a Bollywood film produced by Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Ali is enjoying his happily married life with his wife Andleeb Zaidi and has left today morning for his honeymoon in Thailand, but the plans of visiting Thailand was a sudden change as he was formerly going to visit Maldives.

Ali Merchant’s remark of changing his plans to visit Thailand and not visiting Maldives for his honeymoon came after Mariyam Shiuna, Deputy Minister of Youth Empowerment in the Maldives, calling Prime Minister Narendra Modi a "clown" and a "puppet" in now-deleted posts on X. "What a clown. The puppet of Israel Mr Narendra diver with life jacket (sic)," Shiuna said in her post on X after PM Modi's Lakshadweep visit. 

Honorable Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has stirred the internet with captivating pictures from his visit to Lakshadweep. Following his visit, the name of the Union Territory remains the most searched keyword on the Google search engine for the second day in a row. Amidst the growing popularity of the place, several Bollywood celebs supported the idea of PM’s #ExploreIndianIslands.

Actor Ali Merchant took to X formerly known as Twitter to share his two cents on the racist comments by Maldives officials. The actor tweeted, “Opted for a sudden change in honeymoon plans—Maldives to Thailand this time. Putting my country first, always 💕Excited about our next destination, Lakshadweep! Thanks to PM Modi for letting us discover this beautiful island. 🙏#PrioritizingCountry #BoycottMaldives 

 #ExploreIndia .” 

Not just Ali Merchant, but many other Bollywood biggies like Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Shraddha Kapoor, etc have supported to promote Lakshadweep tourism. Meanwhile, Ali Merchant and his wife are happily enjoying their honeymoon in Thailand. Awaiting for the beautiful pictures of the couple!!!

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@chinky801 Quite ironic coming from an Indian. You fools don’t even have enough toilets which is why people in your country use the streets as the toilets. LMAO Indians are so deluded and love living in denial.

3 months ago

Good. Keep Maldives free from filth.

3 months ago

Very good they changed their plans , our own country is very beautiful .

3 months ago

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3 months ago

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