KWK8: Saif Ali Khan reveals how Yash Johar helped in his career revival during his rough time

Saif Ali Khan disclosed how the legendary filmmaker became a beacon of support, rescuing him from a career downturn.

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Yash Chopra and Saif Ali Khan

In the latest episode of Koffee With Karan Season 8, the iconic talk show welcomed the legendary mother-son duo, Sharmila Tagore and Saif Ali Khan

As the show continues to unfold riveting tales from the Indian film industry, this episode took a poignant turn when Saif Ali Khan shared a heartfelt revelation about the pivotal role played by the late Yash Chopra during his challenging times. The actor disclosed how the legendary filmmaker became a beacon of support, rescuing him from a career downturn. 

Saif Ali Khan said, “So there were a couple of offers and kind of dried up, Rahul Rawail told me that, this is it. Nobody's going to work with you. And he was a bit sadistic, I must say, because he kind of enjoyed that. And I thought, okay, and they did dry up. And then Yash Chopra ji called me over and he went over and he said, I've heard you're very naughty, and you and you gotta give me your word. And he was casting Parampara with a lot of people in the movie.” 

“There was Aamir, Raveena, Neelam, Vinod Khanna” added Karan Johar. Saif Ali Khan continued, “Sunil Dutt too and I knew that it was a huge multi starrer, and he wanted this role, he wasn't finding someone. And he met me and he said, you promised to be good. That was pretty much it. I said, Of course, I promise you I will be. And he said, okay, you're in the movie. And overnight, the office started. And you know how it is. If Yash Chopra is casting, then everyone comes. The same people who had said, "No, we're not interested, were very interested now. So he saved me.” 

As each episode of the show brings forth intriguing anecdotes and personal narratives, this particular segment serves as a testament to the enduring support and mentorship that can make or break a career in the dynamic world of Bollywood.

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