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angels_eyes 16 years ago i personally think that for deer hunting 5 years is too much

i really hope he will get out very soon
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Too_Much 16 years ago Hmmmm

patience will give him the best fruit
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sallu_lover 16 years ago omg y does this always have to happen with my salman khan poor guy has been soo much in life n these people still after him i mean for god sake he went to jail once coz of this case n they still want him to go to jail all over again, these people doesnt have anything to do so they r after my sallu
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komalash 16 years ago agree wid Asima...

Thats the disadvantage of being a celeb...
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Asima 16 years ago people get away with killing humans in india, and they do this to salman over a deer

what a law system
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maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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