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Alaya F takes a Mean Dig at Ananya Panday's Nepotism Comment

After Siddhant Chaturvedi, Alaya F has a savage response to Ananya Panday's nepotism comment of struggle and privilege, for which she was massively trolled on the Internet...


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Alaya F is gearing up for her big Bollywood debut with Jawaani Jaaneman, starring Saif Ali Khan and Tabu in lead roles. However, the newbie has already started making headlines even before her entry into the movies.

Alaya recently appeared on Zoom Tv’s chat show, where she answered a few fun questions, and even gave in some savage replies. Right from her “I wouldn’t be surprised to find Kartik Aaryan in my bed” statement to a brutal dig at Ananya Panday’s nepotism comment, she stirred quite a lot of noise.

When she was asked about that one thing that she has and Ananya does not, she said: “A good answer on nepotism.” Later, she told the host:  “You’re asking me to be mean! I don’t like to be mean.”

Well, it’s obvious that Alaya’s comment was referring to Ananya’s nepotism comment at the recent roundtable. Her views defending herself stating that even if she is the daughter of actor Chunky Panday, it’s not easy for her, were massively trolled by netizens and had even faced a brutal reply by Siddhant Chaturvedi, who was present at the roundtable as well.

Alaya further continued to talk about the same and said: “I don’t think any of us don’t understand the concept of privilege, struggle and nepotism. We all are quite aware of it, and more or less, we all have the same stance on it. It’s just that sometimes, it’s tricky in the way you put it out. It’s so easy for one-two words to go to the wrong place and for it to be misconstrued.”

She also defended Ananya by saying that she did not intend to say it in that manner. “When I was first watching that Roundtable interview, I saw that whole part and it didn’t even strike me as, ‘Oh my God!’ It sounded perfectly fine to me the first time and then when I went back and watched it again, I was like, ‘Oh!’ But I really don’t think she intended for it to be taken in that way. I am sure she also has a very clear idea on it, as do the rest of them. That’s when I learnt it is very important not only to have clarity in your mind, but to also be able to put that out there,” Alaya added.

Speaking of Nepotism, Alaya, daughter of actor Pooja Bedi and the granddaughter of veteran actor Kabir Bedi, had agreed that star kids are privileged as compared to outsiders, but that should not stop one from working hard.

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