Akshaye Kapoor is back and how!!

Actor Akshaye Kapoor is back after a long sabbatical.

We all remember the coloured eyed boy who went bald for his role in 'Alag' the same lad is back
with a bang and let us tell you he is looking nothing like what we remember him!!

The attractive actor is back after a long sabbatical and is going to be seen in Anjum Rizvi's 'Fast forward'- a movie based purely on dance Hip-Hop style!!

After his superhero character in 'Alag', Akshay disappeared from the Bollywood scenario. Well, not by choice though! The actor suffered from four acute Typhoid attacks all in the span of one year and was recuperating from the same in the States!

We hear that the actor is looking better than ever and is all set to dance his way back in Bollywood!!

What should we say Welcome back!

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