Akashh plays the jungle king!

The bossy attitude of Akashh in Iss Jungle is now the next sensational topic to discuss on, in the Sony show..

Akashh Deep Sehgal who has bagged the title of the 'Bad Man' of television, courtesy his vampish roles, has now donned the cap of a self appointed leader among his jungle mates on Sony's Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao.

According to our source, "The guy seems to be getting overboard with his dictatorial attitude on the show, which seems to be getting on everyone's nerves. In one instance, we see him as the very good boy trying to mingle with all his team mates, but the next moment he is seen giving advises and direction to all!! Well, his argument with Fiza and his recent interference with the reticent Chetan, and not to foget, his squabble with Palak are examples indeed..".

Well, it is true that the king has it in him to call the shots in the jungle, but he shouls also understand the likes and dislikes of his team members.

If oyu are a born leader, you should know to lead your troupe kindly!!

Stay tuned to Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao Monday – Thursday @ 10.00 pm & Friday @ 9.00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television.

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PLEASE VOTE FOR AKASHH DEEP SAIGAL & lets make sure he stays in the jungle till the end n' wins the show with a bang !!
• SMS 'JUNGLE 01' to 52525 or
• Call 505252501 or
• Call 1861 888 2525 01 from BSNL/MTNL landline

14 years ago


14 years ago

Aakash and chetan are doing well in the show.

14 years ago

he's anyways sweet and nice

well ab show hai tho yeh sab tho sunne ko milenge hi

14 years ago

akash is ausome n he play a ausome job yaar n he is a nice guy

14 years ago

akashh is doing well... ireally dont think he is trying to be bossy....
i like him ... he seems to be a nice guy....
i think Fiza and Palak are annoying...
and i cant understand Chetan's behaviour...
Akshh is good and i want himto win...

14 years ago

i think Akashh is doing a good job. He's keeping everything in routine and no one else seems to have anything against him. He, himself gave authority to Aman. If anything I thinkFiza and Palak should be eliminated. They have something against everyone. Fiza anyway is a moo phat.

14 years ago

akashh is doing an AWESOMEEE JOB..
fiza is the annoying one

14 years ago

Actually, I think Ahashh is doing a great job... and he IS the leader of the week, and he's carrying on that role quite well. Fiza is pissing me off... the the core!

14 years ago

love him! Fiza's matter was her fault. She is rude. Akash's problem is he talks a lot. And he is not self appointed leader. He IS the leader for the week.

14 years ago

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