Aishwarya Sharma on being called the ‘weakest’ in KKK 13, Says, “I’d call Neil & share everything with him”

In an exclusive chat with India Forums, Aishwarya Sharma revealed how her fellow contestants would call her the ‘weakest’ contestant and how it shattered her confidence.

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Post her exit from Star Plus’ very popular show Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Aishwarya Sharma took up Colors TV’s popular stunt based reality show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13.’ The actress who has recently flown back to Mumbai post her stint in the show is reportedly one of the top 3 contestants on the show. In an exclusive chat with us, Aishwarya spilled her heart out on her journey.

Talking about her favourite stunts in the show, the actress said, “I aced all the tasks that involved ‘Current/Shock,’ I have a nice threshold for current I guess, I can take it. If you ask me about my favourite task, there was this one task where Current and reptiles both were involved, and I did it pretty well.” 

Further, talking about how she always wanted to reach till the end and whether or not did she expect to be a finalist, the actress said, “Swimming was an arduous task, demanding strength. Despite the challenges, I persevered with the determination to reach the end, and I succeeded. Along the journey, there were ups and downs. People often wondered what I would do, considering me the weakest. Their words diminished my confidence. In those moments, I would turn to my husband for support. I would not show anyone that it is hurting me, however, I would go back to my room, call my husband and discuss everything with him. They labelled me as the weakest contestant, but I believe that we should never judge anyone, as this show can be highly unpredictable. What may seem impossible for one person is within reach for another. Hence, I refrain from passing judgments. Nobody anticipated that I would come this far. My goal was to prove it to myself, not to anyone else. I am indifferent to the opinions of others. However, Rohit sir played a crucial role in motivating me. I didn't have high expectations for myself, yet here I am, achieving what I never thought was possible.”

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