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Aishwarya Sharma: I get worried thinking about what will happen when I get married to Neil

Aishwarya Sharma recently spoke about how she receives hate for Pakhi and how she deals with it. Read on to know what did she say.

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Aishwarya Sharma

Aishwarya Sharma

Television actress Aishwarya Sharma has spoken about the online hate she receives from time to time. The actress, who plays the role of Pakhi in Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, is subjected to a lot of hate every time something happens on-screen. However, there are times when they cross the line, and this time around, they have made personal comments on Aishwarya's relationship with Neil Bhatt.

Aishwarya went on to talk about it to ETimes TV and said how she was enjoying the vibe at first because the love and hate were for Paakhi, but now, the comments have been ugly and it hurts her because she feels upset about how people don't understand that she is playing a fictional character. She added, ''They hurl abuses and make comments like I deserve to die. Apart from sending me direct messages, people tag me while making nasty remarks. I mean bit** has become my second name of sorts online. Also, if I post anything online related to my personal life, they start harassing me. I am engaged to Neil, who plays my co-star in the serial. I can't help that. I like posting about him on my account, but then they call me an insecure woman. I am marrying Neil in real life and I would request people to accept this fact now. I am scared to open my social media account.''

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The actress believes that everything they say must be limited to the characters they play only. She concluded by saying how until the hate and trolling were for her character, she did not have a problem, but now, it is she who is being trolled and she wants it to stop. She also revealed how she worries thinking what will happen when she gets married to Neil.

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Deb07 2 months ago I never seen before any actress playing negative role to behave this type of silly. Pity for the person marrying this lady.
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rskp 2 months ago End of Neil’s career that is what will happen.
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linakusharberry 2 months ago i just can't believe it , i mean people hate the character pakhi if she is playing such a character toh definitely its people's choice to whether love pakhi or hate her its just a fictional one but she want everyone to love the character pakhi yah kya ajeeb zabardasti hai bai and people dislike her for the stunts she pulls the way she insults every fan repeatedly , there may be few fans who might have gone overboard but that doesn't mean she can call everyone names and blame everyone jisneh kiya unko bolo not entire fandom and no one cares about their personal life and not even bothered about it , she just want attention , playing sympathy card as always , neil seh shaadi karneh hai toh karo nah none of the fans care about it konsi duniya mein jeerahi hai madam, she is having insecurity issues and tries to show like she is the main lead protagonist and purposefully shows sai in a bad light woh sab kya , i will just say give respect then take respect , the way she behaves with fans its like we are some trash the words she used are really pathetic , kya kuch nahi bola unhoneh ,i just feel like laughing she cannot take constructive criticism pata nahi how she is planning to survive in this industry haar ek show mein unka fiance yah same PH nahi hoga , toda work ethics professionalism dekhavo , i know iss show yeah mumkin nahi hai and i just hope that i will never come across any of ur show again
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Guneet80 2 months ago Yawn she has a habit of calling fans names and then playing victim gth seriously
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Bristy75 2 months ago Really if she scared to open social media then who post everyday in Instagram. She always insult audience called them rip, toxic and last interview who the hell are you? She thinks people hate her because she's Neil finance what a nice joke 🤣. People don't like her because of her arrogance behaviour. Nobody hate her but she gives reason to audience to hate her. If you don't respect audience then how can she expects audience give you respect. In every interview she blame audience. But nobody say anything to her. Most important she's playing negative character people will judge you. If you want to establish your career in TV industry you need to learn how to handle it. You are not new comer in the industry you already did many show before you need to know. Don't blame other.
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sammy17 2 months ago She can't be serious when claiming that the hate she gets is because of dating neil? Was she living under a rock when before her relationship with neil was made public by them she was already getting so much hate because of excessive amount of publicity she was getting via interviews and media articles over the actual female lead as well as her constantly trashing female lead's character in bts scene interviews by not even pointing out mistakes of her own character?
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sammy17 2 months ago Also there is the issue that aishwarya takes even criticism towards her character too seriously and criticises fans and ridicules them even if they speak bad about her character. These are reasons why people dislike her more than it simply being that she's engaged to the male lead.
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sammy17 2 months ago I defo wouldn't call her by such derogatory comments so I'm shocked she gets such comments. Some people really overdo it and forget their boundaries. That being said my dislike for her is simply because it seems everyone in the show and even media are constantly trying to push aishwarya forward and promote her over the actual female lead ayesha, that aishwarya and the show gets excessive amount of publicity only on the basis of the offscreen real life relationship of her and neil rather than promoting the popular onscreen jodi who are running the show and given the show so much popularity, and then to top it off the actress giving silly and false statements in interviews about her own character and also sai's character.
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silvermoonlight 2 months ago I don't do SM re actors because I don't care enough to & who has that kinda time. However telling someone to die is going too far, if it's true what she is saying. I've heard of some recent posts she has made but I don't see the point in reacting to them. If she is ignored then she will realize her antics have no merit
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scarlett22 2 months ago She can happily marry Neil. But behave her age on SM and with some semblance of dignity. All fans do not target her. And she's not the only actor to be trolled. With success comes these issues, she has to learn to deal with them.
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