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Age No Bar - Young Girls lead Television Soaps..

Youngsters today are the new faces in Indian Television! They have it all..name, fame, fan-following..but they're barely out of their teens!

Published: Monday,Dec 24, 2007 10:34 AM GMT-07:00
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Young kids racing ahead

There are some young boys & girls who, at the tender age group of 16-18 talk about studies, boyfriends/girfriends and a lot more..while there are some who choose to hear the words 'Lights, Camera, Action' and only talk about, make-up, dialogues, shifts & shoots!

Age No Bar - Young Girls lead Television Soaps..
Today, many youngsters are lured to the world of glamour; are instantly attracted to the fame that follows. Gone are the days when people would wait till they passed the basic criteria of being “educated” before they would start their struggle to enter the world of glamour and fame. In the current era, one does not need to be academically qualified to join the wall of fame. Today, a good face, a fair amount of talent and some auditions later, and these youngsters are automatically granted lead roles on television. Leaving aside experience, talent and even age for that matter, if a person fits in the criteria of the “character” look, the aspirant bags the role. Recently, the television industry seems to be bombarded with young girls who have barely finished studying but have hit their career paths.

The most talked about amongst this young lot is Prachi Desai (Bani of Kasamh Se) who made headlines when it was revealed that she was barely 17 years old when she was tucked in by Balaji Telefilms. Balaji’s next target was Panchhi Bora of Kayamath, who though older than Prachi, still qualified as a very young lady. Balaji’s latest catch is the youngest of them all, - Abigael of Kya Dil Main Hain, who is barely 15 years old! She is now the new face of Balaji’s 9X show. Joining these girls is the new Bhoomika (Zalak Thakkar) who recently turned 20.

Age No Bar - Young Girls lead Television Soaps..
The big screen had seen such a trend earlier with Rekha, Hema, Kajol and many others launching in Bollywood arena in their teens. And now again the same trend is being followed by some of these teen aged stars too. Hrishta ( Hansika Motwani) spread shock waves all across the nation, when she was chosen to star opposite Himesh Reshamiya in his first release - Apka Suroor. She is now followed by Prachi Desai of the small screen who has now joined Farhan Akhtar for his next release.

Though these girls are young and vulnerable; despite gruelling shooting schedules, hats off to all of them for continuing with their education and also making a mark from themselves, and not just being tagged with their current character names.

They say that ‘well begun’ is half done. Well, it sure looks like these girls have hit the right chords with their careers. But are they on too fast a track? What happens when it all wears off? Will they miss not having experienced the highs & lows of growing up? Whatever the case, just a word of caution - Enjoy the ice cream while it lasts…

Author: Hiral Anju Bhatt, Ekta

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Talz @punjabi_kuri02 15 years ago LOL!
Kudos to them
i know if i had to go to school (more or less)
&& have a crazzyy shooting sechdule i would shoot myself
Hats off to you for staying in school
because you know in this industry you always need a backup career at hand
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Tamanna @tamy-rox 15 years ago oh i luvv zalak nd prachii..deyyy both r awesome :)
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Tani @Tani91 15 years ago well I'm in their age group and to me I think ediucatio is important...but then again they're innocent girls whoare struck with fame..and stardom...so I guess they want to go for the good stuff--which to them is stardom..I would do the same if I were given that opportunit..but kudos to them as they also continue their education
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dipti @Cool_Dipti 15 years ago Why don't they just concentrate on their studies??? ..Why dont they first settle themselves down & become financially stable ..Acting can be done anytime..but not studies..after few yrs after the show goes off-air ..what will they do???
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Ask Me @Fazila~ 15 years ago Good luck to them, but i would say that they should conti with their education, cause after these soaps are over say after 5 to 6 yrs, then???? what willthey do???
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maha786 @maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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-shehzaadi- @-shehzaadi- 15 years ago i agree with both blyton and Mimi_Rani. i would never want to give up my normal teenage life to earn glamour and fame. i mean what's the rush? plus i dont like to see such young girls acting with much older men..it disturbs me. why cant they just do the roles of teenagers?
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eternal @eternal 15 years ago i agree with blyton, by joining television the most memorable moments of life are missed out on ...i feel sorry for them...
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neha @neha28 15 years ago kudos to these girls tht they have been doing such great things and also continuing their studies...
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Anjali @blyton 15 years ago I don't envy these girls; rather, I feel a bit sorry that they are missing the most glorious phase of a teenager's life: college days. Fame and glamour are not the end of the world. When one looks back in the middle of life, one would like to have memories of a variety of experiences, not just a fat bank balance and fading stardom. I wish young people would wait a while to find their feet before being lured by the glamour of the arclights.
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