Afsar Bitiya AKA Mitaali Nag is the new Draupadi!

Afsar Bitiya fame Mitali Nag talks about her new show Draupadi!

Post triumphing upon the hearts of the audience with her successful television show Afsar Bitiya, Mitali Nag is over the moon to have essayed the role of Draupadi in her mytho show on Doordarshan's DD Kisan, titled "Draupadi".

Post the completion of her show Draupadi, meetings and audience are keeping Mitali busy, "Though every day 12 hrs shoot life has taken a break, I am busy with auditions and meetings and play rehearsals.  Music is taking the forefront now that I am relatively free. I am utilising this break time to hone my talent of singing and dancing!"

Mitali Nag's second show with Village boy production Pvt. Ltd. where the talented dusky beauty enjoyed her glamorous avatar contrary to her previous stint in Afsar Bitiya "After Afsar Bitiya which was a total de-glam avatar, I totally enjoyed my glamorous stint as Draupadi. Heavy jewelry and embellished clothes was something which captured the essence and brought the old world charm to the character" 

"It was a great challenge to play Draupadi. Interestingly not much is known about this great lady except her disrobing. Even when I told my friends that I had been offered this role, they joked so that even you will have cheer haran. As a woman I feel bad that since time immemorial our choices are not given any weight. Like Draupadi was forced to marry five men when she in real only wanted Arjun as her husband as he had won her. But she was guilt tripped into saying yes as she could turn out to be adhesive to hold all the Pandav brothers together for the sake of man kind's future. Cut to modern times even when I was about to get married I was advised by my mother to keep the interests of my in-laws above mine." says Mitali.

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Mitali Nag

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You're doing a great job as Draupadi..
All the best MITALI NAG !!!

8 years ago

I dont get why people joke about cheer haran! Thats just plain stupid and offensive on many grounds!

8 years ago

imho she looks too soft for the role. To this present day no one quite compares to Roopa Ganguly but good luck to her all the same in taking it on

8 years ago

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8 years ago

Ur mother is typical Indian women,in 2016 also womens should be like a slave to our inlaws... no no more dominations from our in-laws common girls we should fight for our rights

8 years ago

Congratulations MITALI NAG on your new role..keep inspiring !!!

8 years ago

She will suit Draupadi. U sud have watched her in Afsar Bitiya. Real Draupadi was actually dark so d makers have made d right choice.

8 years ago

She wouldn't suit Draupadi!!!Though I am glad they have chosen a dark actress this time!!!!

She is right and Indians need to stop feeding this to their girls and ask them to put their own interests and themselves above anyone else!!!!

8 years ago

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