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Aditya-Kangana Spat: Aditya Pancholi Claims to posses Evidence about his Innocence!

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Veteran Bollywood actor Aditya Pancholi was allegedly accused of sexual misconduct by Kangana Ranaut and sister Rangoli. The actress had also filed a complaint at the Versova Police station against him. Versova Police started the investigation after they received an email application regarding the same.

However, the spat between Kangana and Aditya has taken an ugly turn. The rift started in 2017 when Kangana, in an interview, as she said defamatory things against him, after which he and his wife Zarina Wahab went to court and filed a defamation case against the actress and her sister Rangoli Chandel.

Earlier today, it was reported that an investigation has been opened by Versova Police against Aditya after receiving an e-mail complaint from Rangoli. To know more read the story below.

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But, now the actor has revealed that he has evidence about the allegations and gave a detailed account of the events as he narrated his side of the story.  

He said, "The police is doing the investigation. This is a false rape case. Kisi par false rape case karna usko frame karna kitni galat baat hai." 

Aditya also mentioned that there is no FIR which has been filed by both parties. He added, "Rangoli made an application that charged me with rape and I have made this application that I have this evidence that they are trying to frame me. The whole case is under investigation right now."

According to reports, Aditya also shared a few clippings of lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui (who seemed to be representing Kangana). He said, "Rizwan Siddiqui kept on calling me for five-six days then finally on January 6, 2019, I met him and during the course of the conversation, he threatened me ki agar aap kanooni daau pech karoge to hum bhi kanooni daau pech karenge. Hum aap par case karenge ki aapne rape kiya hai."

Aditya added, "Kisi ke upar itna bura allegation lagana, this is the worst thing in the world and they are misusing the law. They are misusing the police aur abhi jab unko bulaya ja raha hai statement dene ke liye to nahi aarahe hai. 

"Baaki duniya ke baare me baat cheet karni ho kisi ko gaali dena ho, poori film industry ko gaali dena ho tab to taiyaar ho jati ho, ab kyun nahi aage aarahe ho. This is such a serious matter. How can you threaten someone? This is as good as extortion that if you don't do this, I will do this. Tum apna defamation case lelo vapis.  

"Toh I said I will not take my case back, so they filed a false complaint that registers an FIR against Aditya Pancholi for raping Kangana 14 years back."

The actor has also presented the video clips of Rizwan Siddiqui verified from a forensic expert and has got a certificate under the Indian Evidence Act that the video is original and not tampered with. Aditya also shared a copy of the letter he had sent to the Senior Police Inspector at the Versova Police Station. Take a look below. 

Furthermore, Aditya was asked about his next step in the row and he said, "No I am not going to stop. This is misguiding the world, this is misguiding so many people and they don't have shame. I am a family man and I have a daughter of marriageable age. This is God's grace that I recorded this conversation. Otherwise, how would I show my face to the world? I am not going to leave this, I am going to take this matter ahead. If I have to go to Supreme Court then I will do that as well." 

Stay tuned for more updates.

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