Aditya Narayan steps into Karan's shoes in Kaho Na Yaar Hai

Aditya Narayan and the gorgeous Karishma Tanna are all set to flatter the audience this week in Star Plus' Kaho Na Yaar Hai...

Pandemonium and disbelief ruled on the sets of Reliance Mobile Kaho Na Yaar Hai when Aditya Narayan took centre stage and stole the show from the host of the show, Karan Patel. Aditya Narayan and Karishma Tanna are the celebrity participants in the upcoming episode of Reliance Mobile Kaho Na Yaar Ha,i but everyone was in for a surprise and stared in disbelief when Aditya Narayan, at the onset of the show, introduced himself as the anchor!

Much to Karan Patel's dismay, the audience seemed to be entertained and were enjoying Aditya Narayan's anchoring. Just when the tempo was peaking, Karan interrupted the new host and reminded him that he is merely a participant of the show and not the anchor! Very reluctantly, Aditya proceeded to the floor to play the game of friendship and fun, Reliance Mobile 'Kaho Na Yaar Hai'.

Karishma Tanna, accompanied by her friends, Preeti and Neeti received a warm welcome from the audience. It was a laugh riot on the sets, as Karishma danced to Aditya's tunes as a penalty for missing an answer in the first round itself! Not to take defeat easily, Karishma retaliated when she made him dance like a chicken in front of the whole crowd!

Audiences were in for a bigger surprise when pretty women walked across the floor wearing attractive accessories, only to realize that they were actually Aditya and his friends disguised as women! The fun doesn't stop here, the gang went on to dedicate the song, "Tanna, chumma de de" to their counterpart Karishma Tanna.

So stay tuned to watch Aditya Narayan steal the show from Karan Patel in Reliance Mobile 'Kaho Na Yaar Hai', February 22, 8 p.m. – 9 p.m. only on STAR PLUS!!

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Karan Patel

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Karishma Tanna

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Aditya Narayan

Comments (19)

TFS!!! I can't wait till I get home and watch this episode just to see Aditya Narayan.

16 years ago

Thanks for sharing I have to watch this one.

16 years ago

wow adi hosting da show
it will be fun to watch

16 years ago

thank god with the title i thought karan left..yaaaaaaay karan is still the will be fun to watch karisma and aditya

16 years ago

ooo looks like i'll have to watch the show again.

16 years ago

Wow Adiii =D
He Looks Hott In The Pick :|
too bad i dont rly have star plus :(

16 years ago

but now I think I'll!! =D


16 years ago

Hehehehehe... gonna watch this one like!

16 years ago

YAY!!! ADI stole the show!!hahaha so cool.. i love him.. he is so cool=]

16 years ago

omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg i cant wait to watch my adi)

16 years ago

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