Addiction Apnaa Apnaa

Find out out what these hot and famous stars - Ram Kapoor, Gauri Tejwani and Neha Bamb - are secretly addicted to...

By: Naina K.

Your favorite Telly saas and bahus are addicted to their everflowing tears, the tikhi mirchis aka the vamps of serials are addicted to their loud make-up and millions of people world-wide are addicted to India- Forums. While the ladies are addicted to shopping, working adults to
their cup of coffee or doodhpatti
and millions of saas and bahus in India to the Telly Soaps - so so many addictions isn't it? But why not add our favorite celebrities on the list of addicted addicts?

Our Special Invesigation Team goes to some known faces of the Indian television, to find out what their pleasant addictions are and how they take out time from their hectic scedule to quench them. Lets hear it right from your favorite stars:

Ask the charming and sweet actress, Neha Bamb, the gorgeous Kripa of Kaisa Yeh Pyaar Hai, and she confesses that her addiction is shopping! The beautiful actress says that she is a total shopoholic and loves to shop for everying right from shoes to chothes! Neha also adds, "Apart from that I am really very addicted to my family. I can
not be without them". When we ask her how she spares time from her hectic schedule to quench her addictions, she thankfully says, "During my busy schedules, its difficult to find time for shopping and stuff, but I am very lucky that I get enough time to manage things easily". Looks like the shopping bug spares no one!

Be it spending endless hours on the net, reading volumes of their favourite books, shopping for hours together or craving to spend some quite personal moments with the family, your telly stars spill some beans about their personal addictions. Looks like the India-Forums members are not the only ones with an addiction, eh?

Images By: Varsha Bhatter & Priya D. (PM: cuteluv, desichocolate)
Contact Writer: PM Virgo_Stars

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Thank you so much ♥♥♥

10 years ago

Thanks for the article!!

Luv ya..


17 years ago

Wow...I think it's great...and especially Ram Kapoor's addiction is just to hard for me to absorb...he's addicted to IF........oh how I wish I had ZEE TV and then I could make time to visit Kasamh Se forums and all.........

17 years ago

interseting to read, thanx for the article!

17 years ago

Awww! It feels nice to see Tv celebs addicted to something.

17 years ago

Woah! Ram addicted to IF.. he was online two days ago i can belive that..

Nicly written! loved readin it

17 years ago

wowo... surprising addictions... especially Gauri's hehe.... another excellent article... t4s!!!

17 years ago

Wow...really surprising revelations! LOL

17 years ago

oh wow! RK addicted to IF? thts really not bad an addiction for a TV star!

17 years ago

wow! who knew that Ram Kapoor was addicted to IF?? this article was fun to read.. plz keep more articles like this coming...

17 years ago

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