Actors reveal their plans of 'Secret Santa' & Christmas celebrations this year

We had the actors from several Sony SAB shows talk about their Secret Santa and how or what they are expecting this year while plans to celebrate it

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It is the occasion of Christmas, and everyone has their plans set and rolling, ranging from gifting each other with adorable surprises to praying to Jesus and, most importantly, having fun with the concept of 'Secret Santa'. On that note, we had the actors from several Sony SAB shows talk about their Secret Santa and how or what they are expecting this year while plans to celebrate it

Deshna Duggad, who plays the role of Rashi Patel in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible, says,

"I don’t have a Secret Santa in my life, but I know that my parents and my brother are my Santas forever. This year, I don’t want anything specific. However, I do wish and hope that the next year is also as wonderful as the present year. This year has progressed well and I am happy with what I have achieved personally and with my show Pushpa Impossible, and I wish happiness for everyone.”

Hitanshu Nagia, who plays the role of Vidyut Agarwal in Sony SAB’s Wagle Ki Duniya, says, 

“Generally, every child has his/her parents as secret Santa. Similarly, I consider my mom and dad as my Secret Santa. Right now, I would like to ask my Secret Santa for a PS5. I want all the Spiderman, Batman, and other PS5 games from them. Having said that, I am truly grateful to my parents for always being there. I would also like to express gratitude to the audience who have showered us with their continued love and support over the years.”

Sheehan Kapahi, who plays the role of Atharv Wagle in Wagle Ki Duniya, says, 

"My secret Santa is my parents. This year, I plan to ask for either a cricket kit, as I am very passionate about cricket, or a PC because I have a keen interest in gaming. I enjoy both cricket and gaming a lot. I am also planning to be a Secret Santa on the sets of Wagle Ki Duniya and surprise my team with some exciting gifts this year."

Isha Sharma, who plays Pashminna in Sony SAB’s Pashminna - Dhaage Mohabbat Ke, said

“Christmas is hands down my favourite time of the year! I'm adding a personal touch by getting a Christmas tree home this year and beautifully decorating it. I see Christmas as a celebration of love. It's all about crafting beautiful moments together and revelling in the magic of the season.”

Anjali Tatrari, who plays Yuvika in Sony SAB’s Vanshaj, said

“I’m extremely fond of Christmas as it fills the air with so much warmth and light. One of my absolute favourite traditions is participating in the Secret Santa exchange with my family each year. It is such a fun activity. Just like my character Yuvika, who prioritizes and cherishes her family in Vanshaj, I, too, place immense value on family bonds in my personal life. These holidays serve as a perfect opportunity to create new memories and spend quality time with our loved ones.”

Mohit Kumar, who plays Neil in Sony SAB’s Vanshaj, said 

“Christmas, for me, is about rekindling bonds and creating enduring memories. My go-to holiday tradition is diving into a full-on movie marathon of the iconic Home Alone series, paired with loads of plum cake and candy. I take pleasure in orchestrating gatherings that unite friends in laughter, creating a night to remember.”

Karuna Pandey, who plays Pushpa in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible, said

“Christmas has turned into our family's favorite reason to come together and create unforgettable moments. Embracing the holiday chaos with a touch of Pushpa's flair, my festive ritual includes creating a grand feast for family and friends. I find myself donning multiple hats, being the calm in the chaos for everyone around. As we all gather around the table, sharing stories and laughter, it truly makes for a night filled with warmth and cherished memories.”

Jayesh More, who plays Dilip Patel in Sony SAB’s Pushpa Impossible, said

“Back in the day, Christmas was not as fancy as it is now. But these days, I've jumped on the new age bandwagon – playing Santa for my family, showering everyone with gifts. I try my best to spend quality time with family and friends during the holidays.”

We wish our readers a very Merry Christmas.

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