Vanshaj: Yuvika wins the fight against DJ; is this the end of DJ's track?

The latest updates suggest that Yuvika will defeat DJ, thwarting his malicious plans in Sony SAB's Vanshaj.

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Vanshaj: Yuvika win in the fight against DJ; is this the end of DJ's track?
DJ and Yuvika from Vanshaj. Image Courtesy: Sony SAB

Sony SAB's 'Vanshaj' captivates viewers with its compelling and relatable storyline that explores gender roles and the complex dynamics of inheritance traditionally dominated by male heirs. This ignites a conflict within the Mahajan family, fuelling a fierce rivalry between Yuvika (Anjali Tatrari) and DJ (Mahir Pandhi). In recent episodes, DJ blackmails Yuvika's brother Arjun (Buneet Kapoor), forcing him into attempting to kill Yuvika, who is currently imprisoned. 

However, the latest updates suggest that Yuvika will defeat DJ, thwarting his malicious plans. Adding to the suspense, a plot twist introduces the Talwar family, potentially signalling the conclusion of the DJ's storyline on the show.

Current track:

In the upcoming episode, Yuvika sits lost in thought when a little girl named Rani approaches her with a small plate of food, telling her how she lives there with her Amma and wishes to be like Yuvika when she grows up. Rani's mother tells how all the inmates are impressed with Yuvika's strength. Yuvika tells Rani that she wishes for her to exit the jail someday and grow to be a better person. Dhopte notices the interaction with a stern expression. Dhopte and Yuvika have a confrontation. Dhopte, furious, strikes Yuvika with a baton. Yuvika stumbles but remains standing. Dhopte drags Yuvika out, commanding her to carry a heavy log as punishment. The inmates watch, some silently rooting for Yuvika. 

Meanwhile, Arjun, Neel, and Isha gather to discuss Yuvika's situation & how to help her. Yuvika struggles but lifts the log, symbolizing her resistance and determination. Subhadra, Neel and Arjun confront DJ. Subhadra tries to reason with DJ, but DJ's resolve is unyielding. Back at the jail, Yuvika struggles to hold the heavy log under the scorching sun. Gulrez informed Yuvika about her situation, watching from a distance, and her expression was cold and unreadable. Yuvika's determination and struggle become a symbol of resistance against the corrupt system

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Comments (2)

Well i wish that this is the end of DJ's storyline so that the show would end for once and for all but know that it won't happen

23 days ago

No it will not be end of DJ track. The show is being dragged as plots are too predictable where DJ & Yuvika are taking turns in showing who is more smarter. i.e. for a while Yuvika winning and then DJ winning. Goes on.
Where is Bhanupratap "Dada Babu"?

24 days ago

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