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Actors on Elections...

As Mumbai gets ready to vote, leads of Bidaai, Yeh Rishta and Chehra express their views on voting..

Published: Wednesday,Apr 29, 2009 17:16 PM GMT-06:00
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As the citizens of Mumbai get ready to cast their precious votes on April 30th, the leads of Bidaai, Yeh Rishta and Chehra express their views on exercising our voting rights..

Karan Mehra, Naitik in Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

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"Voting is a legal right for every one and as a responsible citizen t is our duty to vote and show our respect towards the nation. We should vote for some one on whom we have faith on. I have   a lot of expectations from the new government. Due to recession the common man is the one who is suffering a lot. The prices of our daily use like vegetables, food grains, and petrol are on an all time high. In totality the nation has to progress and a revolution is needed to bring that change in the nation.  In my view this change can be brought if we get a dynamic party of youngsters who should take the reins of the country and try to take it forward. We should vote for our rights and try to exercise our rights which will be a step towards a party of progressive youngsters" 

Hina Khan, Akshara of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

"Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it has been rightly said by Lokmanya Tilak so we should rightly vote for the right person and exercise our rights" 

Angad Hasija of Sapna Babul ka... Bidaai:

"In my opinion first & foremost people should go out & vote instead of sitting & cribbing about the situation every year. Abstaining from voting makes the scenario worse, since youth plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the country, they should go out vote and should also encourage others to vote. Don't vote just for the sake of it, consider if the government cover all areas, their past records and think this government is capable of handling & solving all problems. It's your decision, make the most of it" 

Sara Khan of Sapna Babul ka... Bidaai:

"I would have loved to vote during this election, but since I don't have a voter ID I won't be able to do that. I would urge the citizens of India to step out of their house & vote and please don't get mislead by the extravagant ways of the political parties. Instead go by your instincts and decide after weighing all pros & cons before casting your precious   vote"  

Kinshuk Mahajan of Sapna Babul ka... Bidaai:

"Always vote for an honest political party. Unfortunately, these days politicians add glitz & glamour by hiring celebrities as a crowd puller. To an extent people are inspired by their favorite celebrity and it influences them to an extent. I would request people not to get inspired by all that and vote for the deserving party only"

Mohit Raina of Chehra:

"I think everybody should vote, as voting is our birth right. It is our responsibility to choose our leaders, because every time something happens and we blame somebody for the consequences. But the fact is we ourselves are equally responsible. Time has changed now; people started realizing what's right and wrong. Especially media have played an important role in creating awareness; especially the terror attack that shook Mumbai on 26/11 had raised enough eyebrows of the people for the current system which is followed on. In today's scenario even an ordinary man knows, what is going on. I personally feel this time elections are going to be good and will definitely change the scenario in Indian Politics.

Personally I won't be able to vote in Mumbai, but I will be posting my vote to J&K candidate through post". 

Hritu Dudani of  Star Plus' Chehra:

"Election is very necessary for a democratic government that serves a nation with varied and diverse culture. To handle this we need to vote, because a vote can make a difference and decide our lives and for India it can be a better place to live in". 

Narendra Jha of  Star Plus' Chehra:

"Every one eligible should vote. Vote according to the ideology one agrees with. Secondly depending on the kind of work some candidate has taken up, keeping in mind the overall development of quality of life of people.

We have to see that the parliament is able to form the government which has enough majorities; so that when we formulate the policies it is supported by a strong administration.

The Biggest issue to be tackled in 'terrorism' which is not confined to international terrorism, rather terrorism in our day to day life. Because only when we have no fear we can embark upon creating a society which we can call "Civilized".  

Mohit Raina Karan Veer Mehra Angad Hasija Narendra Jha Kinshuk Mahajan Hina Khan Karan Mehra K Mahajan

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-SilverDragon- 10 years ago Miss you so much you are awesome in Afsar Bitiya Kinshuk you rock as Pinto and I hope there is a Bidaai 2 with you and the rest of the foursome : )

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aruntouch 13 years ago very good interview by kinshuk mahajan . celebrities should always keep distance with these politicians.there
credibility should be judged by local residents only
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kusuku21 13 years ago Wuts with Mumbai..?? Whole of India is getting ready to vote.. y jz mumbai.. Huhhh..

Anyways I''m excited since I''ll b voting 2mrw for the first time and much more excited abt the constituency from where i''ll b voting)
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kavya.b 13 years ago well said everyone
voting is right n our responsibility also

i jus want everyone 2 vote
i was so excited wen i voted for the first time 1 week back
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TheRowdiest 13 years ago agree manali, its not that tough to get one and its really important to get being indian citizen.......even i have a voter ID
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RatiG 13 years ago yaa too tried to get the voter id
but wasnt able too
i tried jagore also
but nothing worked
i wanted to vote
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FreeBird03 13 years ago lol true anu! waise i agree with all of them..we all must vote... i have always voted in the past... n yeah this time also im gonna vote on 7th may... thats when voting is there in my city...
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AreYaar 13 years ago Kinshuk''s comment is funny especially since Sara herself was one of the celebrities campaigning for a party :S lol
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arabian_love 13 years ago i like narendra jha, mohit raina answers,they both are looking adorable :-P

wow hritu has also talked about elections, wow

every one should vote.
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-Maya- 13 years ago Karan''s answer is the best.Hina''s answer is short but sweet.
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