Abhishek Malhan to host the upcoming episode of Temptation Island India

In the upcoming episode, we will see Abhishek taking the helm as the show's host.

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Abhishek Malhan

Fans of 'Temptation Island India' have been showering love on Karan Kundrra, often dubbing him as 'The Hottest Tempter.' The show took an exciting twist when former Bigg Boss OTT2 runner-up Abhishek Malhan made a surprise guest entry, delighting the audience. In the upcoming episode, we will see Abhishek taking the helm as the show's host. He kicks off his hosting stint with a bang, organizing a special HIP-HOP night that gets everyone in the girls' villa grooving.

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The atmosphere takes a turn from fun to intriguing when Abhishek announces a surprise activity. He reveals his plan to read out hidden messages from a bowl of chits, each dedicated to a member of the villa. The anticipation peaks as the participants wonder who said what to whom and what confessions were hidden. The upcoming episode promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, blending entertainment with a hint of suspense as the contestants' hidden feelings and expressions come to light. Abhishek's fresh take on hosting is sure to inject a new energy into the show.

Don't miss the episode to catch all the revelations and see how the dynamics in the villa shift under Abhishek's hosting charm. Stay tuned exclusively to JioCinema at 8pm for the drama to unfold.

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Abhishek Malhan's charisma is making #TemptationIsland a must-watch! Loving the excitement he brings to the show.

2 months ago

#TemptationIsland is a delight with Abhishek Malhan at the helm! His charm and energy are contagious!

2 months ago

#TemptationIsland is the hottest show in town, and Abhishek Malhan is making it even more exciting!

2 months ago

#TemptationIsland is on fire with Abhishek Malhan as the host! Loving the energy and excitement he brings!

2 months ago

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