Pandya Store: Priyanshi Yadav aka Natasha, gives a sneak peek about the upcoming track

Pandya Store: Natasha and Dhaval are now married! Priyanshi Yadav aka Natasha, gives a sneak peek

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Pandya Store
Pandya Store. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Pandya Store has been winning the audience's hearts with its gripping plot and intriguing twists. With Rohit Chandel and Priyanshi Yadav playing the lead characters in the show post-leap, the audience is eager to know what's cooking ahead on the show, and here is something to pique your excitement.

The current track of the show revolves around Dhaval and Natasha. There is good news for all Pandya Store, Natasha, and Dhaval fans, as their favourite couple has finally reunited and got married. Natasha and Dhaval struggled their way through the hindrances and obstacles and gave their relationship another chance. It is indeed going to be a visual treat for the audience to get a glimpse of their favourite couple, Natasha and Dhaval, reuniting once again.

Priyanshi Yadav, aka Natasha, from the Star Plus show Pandya Store, shares," The long wait will be over for the audience who waited so eagerly because this will be the first time when Dhawal and Natasha are in love with each other and are in a marriage for love. The upcoming track will show love and romance with twisted family drama; it can be said, "jab Miya biwi raazi toh kya krega kaazi." 

The proposal and wedding will bring joy to the hearts of the audience, and the unique path that we took to confess our love and be together is exceptional for real. And lastly, for all our supporters, thank you so much for believing in us. Keep supporting!"

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