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Abhijeet's Lottery on Idol...

The winner of first season of Indian Idol will be seen on the show promoting his first film...

Published: Saturday,Jan 17, 2009 16:30 PM GMT-07:00
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Winner of Indian Idol Season 1, Abhijeet Sawant will be present on the sets of the show the coming week. He was here to promote his first movie Lottery. The singer turned actor grooved on the stage and also interacted with the contestants and the judges.
Abhijeets Lottery on Idol...

“It was a good feeling to return to the stage of Indian Idol. I could see the same pressure on the face of contestants that I had gone through. I’m here for the promotion of my upcoming film Lottery,” says Abhijeet.

How did you feel after meeting the judges and contestants? “With Annuji I have a personal attachment as he was there since first season. Besides that, even after winning the title I could feel the same dhak-dhak that I had gone through during my period in the show. It was so nice to see Sonaliji, Javed sahib and Kailesh Kher on the panel of judges,” he adds.

Have you given any tips to the contestants? “I was very diplomatic and wished them good luck”, avers he.

So who is your favorite contestant this season? “To be frank enough, I feel everyone is the best. Still if you want me to choose one person, then it will be Rajdeep. He is a trained singer and has a great knowledge of music,” states the singer.

Talking about his movie, “The film is releasing on 20 February. I promoted the music and everyone liked it too. I hope people also like it.”

The platform of Idol was a lottery for the singer. Now let’s see whether he is able to create magic on silver screen too. We wish him luck…

Reporter and Author: Rachana Trivedi

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Aditi @adoremevirgo 14 years ago not interested at all to watch the movie
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Ishaqzaadi @Ishaqzaadi 14 years ago very gd luck for the movie.. i loove abhijeet
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- @MoccoLatte 14 years ago good luck! movie is releasing on same day of Delhi 6!
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blaaah @heaven002x 14 years ago Yayyy!I hope the movie does well!
Cant wait to see ittt =]]
Go Abhi!
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maaria @pakirani 14 years ago i dont understand why singers go into acting....its not gonna get them more famous...he should just stick to singing cuz this movie will end up being a flop
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Simone @-simi- 14 years ago hope he does well in his movie! he''s a damn lucky and talented guy!!!
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aewa @aewa 14 years ago He is an amazing singer but I cannot see him as the lead in a movie! No offense to Abhijeet fans at all, but he doesn''t really have a strong persona that the generic Hindi movie hero requires.
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Jenifer @Jenifer. 14 years ago Wow, a singer, dancer and now acting too...impressive!
All the best Abhijeet
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Gayatri-Rout @Gayatri-Rout 14 years ago All the Best for yr movie.

U r the Best Indian Idol till now...
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brainychild92 @brainychild92 14 years ago he film is realizing on 20 February..ithink u meant releasing

anyways allthe best abhijeet..i missu in nb...:(
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