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Abhay Vakil talks about advantages

Abhay Vakil who we know as Mahesh of Zee’s Teen Bahuraaniyaan, talks about how as actors it is good to have some advantage…

Published: Saturday,Oct 31, 2009 22:03 PM GMT-06:00
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Abhay Vakil talks about advantages

Abhay Vakil, who became a popular face as Mahesh of Zee TV's Teen Bahuraaniyaan, surprises us with his explanation for why actors need to have some advantages when it came to their finances.

Explaining his reason for not taking up any projects after Teen Bahuraaniyaan, he says, "Since recession, production houses favour those new faces which are ready to work for 22 hours that too at a lower budget. But I don't regret not taking up any new work as I'm not financially dependent on acting only."

Abhay elaborates, "My personal experience says that every actor should have a back-up profession that gives him financial sustenance. Acting is such a volatile field; trends keep changing every now and then. Today your show might run, who knows what would happen tomorrow. If you keep your hopes pinned to your television career, it's definitely not a wise decision."

Abhay has been lucky for he is involved in two back-up professions. "My family is involved in the immigration business. We are into the US Visa generating facility. Apart from that, last year, when I was doing up my own house I discovered my knack for interior designing. I didn't realise it when I was getting my home decked. I thought I'm so passionate because I'm doing my own house. But then my friends made me realise that I indeed have a gift. In fact, my interior designs amused the press also. Many came and covered it!" he beams.

Right now interior designing is keeping him on his toes. He says, "I'm fortunate to have some high profile clients that include this country's well known industrialists. I'm doing a house downtown and another in the suburb. Then there is this case of a restaurant cum lounge bar which requires some special attention (smiles)."

"My advice to all actors, whether known or new, is to always have financial back-up if you are working in the television industry. Work is inconsistent here. Instead of having sleepless nights its better to be insured in our very own way!" he signs off.

We hope the production houses soon recover from their 'recession' and include talented and experienced actors in their shows.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Susan Jose
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brainychild92 @brainychild92 14 years ago smart.. i heard the same thing from john abraham a couple of years ago.. good to know even small screen actors believe this..
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PCRocks @PCRocks 14 years ago I agree with him bcoz we never know whats gonna happen tomorrow and specially in this recession time where shows are shutting down soo quick
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Shaina_b @Shaina_b 14 years ago He is right they really do need to have a back up plan!!!!

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Anju. @ALUJNA21 14 years ago better experienced actors they leave a better marks and have a much more big empressions in the show .
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Kajal @kajall411 14 years ago I totally agree with him! I was actually thinking about it couple of weeks ago that some of the actors we saw few years back we never saw them again so what happens to their financial situation?..Its so true need to have backup plan =)
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