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Abduction and Death ahead in Bandini

One of the characters of Imagine’s Bandini is soon going to be axed…

Published: Monday,Jun 28, 2010 17:50 PM GMT-06:00
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Shardul Pandit aka Maulik of Imagine's Bandini who was seen in a positive character has turned negative. He has kidnapped the kids of Mahiyavanshi house to take revenge against them and eventually he will be killed.

According to our source, "After Maulik was sent to jail he was removed out of the house. That time he was showed as a good person and Santo was in touch with him. But the revenge was in his mind so he kidnaps the kid and he will be killed in the show."

When asked Shardul Pandit if his track is ending. He said, "I can't comment anything. All I can say is that, there is a major twist that will be coming up in the show."

We also tried Sandip Sikand but he refused to comment anything.

Reporter:Ranjini Nair
Author:Susan Jose

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bn19982001 12 years ago I think Maulik was at the kidnepper's place to save the kids and do something good, so he can join family sef respectfully.
And Sandip/Sarang who desprately needs money is kidnepper and will die.
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-SilverFlames- 12 years ago @Rakhie and Arya444: I so agree.. Maulik will be missed loads.. My shona..Heart

@mslucki: Many of us only visit the forum to chat to our friends whom we have formed an special bond with.. =) and isn't conflicting views what makes a successful forum?
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rani-lucki 12 years ago bandini is great and if people want it to end they shouldn't watch it or waste their time on the forum, anyway i started to like moulik being good andwant sarang and sandeep out of the M house as soon as possible
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RamonaG 12 years ago as long as sanraj are the centre of the story what happens to the supporting cast is of little consequence..all the shows are having major twists in july.and anyone who thinks a show should end bcoz a secondary character is removed knows nothing about showbusiness in the first place
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adoremevirgo 12 years ago i really dunno how a show becomes successful where a man whose kids r older than his wife....nywy i used to watch for hiten-khemi and the day khemi got married so than 18 yr old santu cud stay married to someone old enuf to be her grandpa was too much for me to digest....from then on i stopped watching....i wish the show ends soon
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TOTAL-ROMANTIC 12 years ago I am sure it is gimmick..I think Noulik will not go anywhere it may be Moti who will be given a exit..mainly because fo Rasika ji ill health...!! But IT REALLY DOSENT MATTER BECAUSE FOR ME..BANDINI MEANS SANTU & DM..DM & SANTU..nothing ELSE..!! Loved moulik..& all other support cast..I am sure Creatives KNOW IT BETTER..No need for us to create a hue or cry about anything
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arya444 12 years ago agree @rakhee_8 , maulik was one of the well defined multilayered chars, loved the way he stepped forward to save his sis from taking the blame when her hubby didn't.

**sigh** these people srsly need brains..
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nisha264 12 years ago It a boring show neways. Good maulik is going out of the show
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Rakhie_08 12 years ago Why are they getting rid of Shardul?? The muppets!

He's one of the few genuinely interesting characters. He has many layers, and CV's could have done so many things with him.

Another one bites the dust.
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nasirdude 12 years ago this serial get bored .ye serial sirf tap tak acha tha jab tak 10 saal ki kahaani thi...
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