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Aastha stalked; Shubh to be arrested for Shilpa's rape..

Rajasthan track in Babul Ka Aangann will be a track filled with gripping suspense... Read on for an insight to the story...

Published: Tuesday,Sep 09, 2008 19:39 PM GMT-06:00
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Ratna Sinha’s Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Naa is headed for the Rajasthan track where the whole Ranawat family will perform a pooja for the well-being of Swayam’s kid.

But the twist here is that the pooja is so powerful that it might take a toll on the life of the one performing it. This truth has been hid from Shubh, and is known only to the parents as well as Aastha. The Haveli they enter into also has a mystery element in it, as the person entering it after 12 in the night will not come out alive.

Abhinav Shukla who plays Rana will be the second cousin to the Ranawat brothers; he also happens to be the college-mate of Aastha. Explaining more on his role is Ratna Sinha, Producer of Babul…, “Abhinav who was Aastha’s mate in college suddenly disappears and was not seen after that. The audience will slowly get to know the link between his disappearance and the mystery in the haveli”.

Aastha will have problems a plenty in Rajasthan as she will be stalked by someone. Revealing more on the track ahead, Ratna Singa says, “Amidst all this, someone uses the mystery of the haveli to advantage and molests Shilpa (Itishree Singh), sister of Aastha. Though the prime suspect to all this happens to be Rana (Abhinav Shukla), Shubh aka Siddharth Shukla will be arrested for the crime. This is where the story will move back to Mumbai wherein Aastha has her task cut out as she has to save her husband from the clutches of law, who is charged for her own sister’s rape. The suspense does not end here, as the stalker follows Aastha to Mumbai too and keeps a constant watch over her”.

What is the mystery related to the Haveli? Who is Aastha’s stalker and who raped Itishree? Will Aastha save Shubh eventually?

Get glued to Babul Ka Aangann on Sony for the answers…

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Justnandi @Justnandi 8 years ago Siddharth Shukla, you were awesome in your ist show.
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Nandita @Nandita_Siddian 8 years ago Siddharth Shukla, you were very awesome from your very ist show.
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Nataly @NatalyMusketeer 8 years ago Siddharth Shukla, you are just made for a romantic role...
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Justnandi @Justnandi 8 years ago Siddharth Shukla, love you a lot. you are an awesome actor.
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indiangirl1987 @indiangirl1987 8 years ago Siddharth Shukla its nice to see you in a negative role too. you are an awesome actor.
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SidkiDiwani @SidkiDiwani 10 years ago #BaabulRevived
Aastha saved her Shubh...my darling Siddharth Shukla...
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calizgurl @calizgurl 15 years ago omg how sad i know for a fact subh would not rape that shilps poor baby shubhhhhhhhhhh
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Beenish @arhi-raizada 15 years ago i dont know what to say
the story might become to good
cant say
poor shub will go to prison
may astah save her
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trupti @trups 15 years ago don't know what to say........these kind of things happens in k serials.......hope ke they don't show marriage between Shilpa and Shubh.
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surveen @surveen_kapoor 15 years ago can they never show shubh and aastha happy,
happyly romantic EVER?????????????????????

before it was BAD .. now its turning to WORSE-!!!! CRAP!!!! SO RUBBISH

and so is the name rubbish! wht the hell is this BAABUL to do with theeze stupid and cheap situations?? oh my god!!
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