Aastha on Mahima Shani Dev Ki

Aastha Choudhary will be seen in an episodic of Mahima Shani Dev Ki on NDTV Imagine…

Aastha Choudhary, who after Babul Ka Aangan has been appearing in a lot of episodics, is back with another on NDTV Imagine's Mahima Shani Dev Ki.

When asked about this she said, "I am playing the character of a sweet Punjabi girl who is very simple called Vyjayanti. The story is similar to Cinderella where my father does second marriage and my step- mom treats me like hell. She beats me a lot and I have Shani Dev idol with me and Shani Dev helps me to go to a mela. There I meet my hero. In the mela I leave my bangles and through these bangles the hero will find me and get married to me. And through the blessing sof Shani Dev it's a happy ending".

The episode will be aired on December 5th on NDTV Imagine.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose

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Aastha Chaudhary

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Comments (4)

i want to see it but its not up can someone post it.

14 years ago

she's back yay!!!!

14 years ago

Yeah it does sound like Cinderella!!!!

14 years ago

aww thats sweet cannot wait 2 see the shw :)

14 years ago

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