‘Aakhri Sach’ producer Nikhil Nanda and Preeti and Neeti Simoes case: Here’s everything you need to know

Nanda has filed an FIR against the Simoes sisters, accusing them of fraud and manipulating the end credits. In the FIR, Nanda has accused the Simoes sisters of fraudulent activities, invoking sections 420/406 of the CrPC. Meanwhile Preeti has issued her side of the story.

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Nikhil Nanda

The producer of the recently launched web show on OTT ‘Akhari Sach’ Nikhil Nanda filed an FIR against the co-producers Preeti and Neeti Simoes who are now in a legal battle with him. Nanda has filed an FIR against the Simoes sisters, accusing them of fraud and manipulating the end credits. In the FIR, Nanda has accused the Simoes sisters of fraudulent activities, invoking sections 420/406 of the CrPC. 

Central to the allegation is the manipulation of end credits, allegedly orchestrated by the Simoes sisters and an individual named Rahul Jha, involving a change in the final hard disk. This development is anticipated to draw in the star-studded cast who enthusiastically promoted the show on their social media platforms. 

Nanda's grievance primarily revolves around the absence of his name from the end credits as the majority shareholder in the production house responsible for 'Akhari Sach.' His FIR asserts that the Simoes sisters deceived both himself, a novice producer, and actors from Delhi, categorizing the situation as a clear case of fraud and manipulation. 

In a statement, Nikhil Nanda has expressed unwavering faith in India's judicial system, emphasizing his commitment to fighting for justice and thwarting what he perceives as underhanded tactics. The unfolding legal process is anticipated to unveil the truth in due course, shedding light on this intricate and controversial situation.

Adding to this, Preeti Simones said 

Nikhil Nanda was an investor on our show Aakhri Sach. We partnered him for the show because he was going to put in the money. The shoot was happening in Delhi  and since he had a lot of contacts there we thought it will be a smooth run. With his zero expereince in this field we still respectfully managed trying to make the best version of the show. What we didn’t realise was that he was a scam, really !!!”

Shed added, “We got to know it eventually that he was a serial defaulter.  When messages and emails started coming to us from vendors and many other senior people in the team stating that he had not made payments. Neeti and me as equal partners would have gladly resolved this issue since most ppl signed up for the project because of us. But he was controlling the entire finance. Not sharing the accounts . Infact not even sharing the gst and other details.

I had to go through so much because I had to keep requesting people that the payments would be made and he was not making them. When he realised that we were questioning him for the money, he started getting aggressive. His wife is a respectable self made senior govt official. And he would use the ref of her position and contacts to threaten us time and again . From sending  police officials to a top pr's home just to get him to a meeting for his personal pr. To getting senior cops to call our casting head for the same. To telling us he can get anyone arrested or get them stuck in raids because of his contacts.

We had a screening and me and Neeti are in the industry for the past 14-15 years, the entire industry didn’t just post to support the show but also came for the screening. He got agitated saying that if they don’t tag me or take my name on the red carpet in front of the media then I will send a legal notice to the celebrities. He did an after party after the screening where none of the artists who attended the screening went barring one or two who were made to believe its a team party. He did another success party for the show and made the invite look like its an official party by the producers.

But by now most artists and team knew his reputation and dint attend. 

He even threatened us and got himself a role in the show and he wanted his name ahead of Shivin and Rahul Bagga, which I had to request the platform to . He had a 5 min role and got his name in the opening credits ahead of way senior again using his power of bullying.

We have filed a case against him for not sharing the accounts and syphoning of company money.

This FIR is an after thought to harras us and indimidate us. We are asking for whats ours and the team that worked very hard.

This F.I.R. he has forwarded says that we didn’t have him any credit, anyone can switch on the show and see his name as producer and actor seperately. Secondly, I am his partner, I am not supposed to give him any credits, platform is supposed to do that. Thirdly, he said that we have not paid him money whereas we have already filed a case against him stating that he is not disclosing any accounts for the expenditure done for the show. We along with other team members are requeating instead of looking so desperate for media attention making false claims and unnecessarily refering to big names to threat civilians. Pay up ! Get known for good work and may god bless you with some common sense because you maybe getting the attention on mine or Neeti or the shows name.. but you are equally embarrassing yourself by creating irrelevant issues that make no sense.

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