Janhvi Kapoor talks about seeing her event pics on adult sites as a teen; gets candid on trolls

Janhvi Kapoor in a chat with Karan Johar has spoken about how she felt when pics of hers as a 12-13 year old made its way on adult sites when she was in school

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Janhvi Kapoor talks about objectification

Janhvi Kapoor spoke to Karan Johar in course of Mr. & Mrs Mahi promotions

Janhvi Kapoor who will be seen with Rajkummar Rao in Mr. & Mrs. Mahi had a chat with Karan Johar on the official YouTube channel of Dharma Productions. The actor had also joined her. Janhvi Kapoor whose stunning pictures on Instagram go viral in no time discussed how she felt being ‘sexualized’ and ‘objectified’ from a young age. The actress said navigating with these aspects has been quite a task. Janhvi Kapoor who is now 27 said that she was ‘sexualized’ by the media from the time she was a 12-13 years old. 

She said she had attended an event with her parents and her pics had flooded media. It seems social media was just gaining momentum and Janhvi Kapoor found herself everywhere. She told Karan Johar that she found her pics on what looked like adult websites. Janhvi revealed that boys from her school checked out those pics and laughed. 

Over the years, Janhvi Kapoor like many other star kids has been royally trolled for being products of nepotism. She said that she has been deeply conscious about that fact. Janhvi Kapoor said she had been apologetic about her background and needed to get over. She told Karan Johar, “I am sure other people deal with it in a much more different sense. I still think the way I am explaining it and my experiences of it are very privileged. But it was complicated…” 

The actress admitted that girls face character assassination based on how they dress up. Janhvi Kapoor said such statements made it seem like the girls were comfortable with their sexuality. 

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